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Dolphins draft needs 2019: What did you say was the top need?

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

About two weeks ago, I took a look at the Miami Dolphins draft needs for 2019, breaking down what I thought were the top five (plus an honorable mention) holes still on the team’s roster. My choices were (1) defensive end, (2) offensive tackle/guard, (3) running back (depth), (4) cornerback, (5) quarterback, and defensive tackle as the honorable mention. If rebuilding that list today, I would probably flip defensive tackle and running back.

But, today is not about my list. Today is about what you think it the top need. Last week, SB Nation’s FanPulse surveys were focused on the 2019 NFL Draft, which begins later today. They asked which position group, based on their analysis of the team, you considered the top need for the Dolphins this year. The options were Defensive end/defensive tackle, quarterback, offensive line, or other. The results were fairly evenly split, but defensive end/defensive tackle did lead the way.

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The Dolphins are expected to focus along the line of scrimmage during this year’s draft, working on both sides of the ball. That is not to say they could not throw a curve ball and select just about any position, but the offensive- and defensive-lines do seem to make the most sense right now.

Quarterback is clearly a need, as free agent addition Ryan Fitzpatrick is a stopgap to hold down the spot until the team adds a new franchise quarterback. Miami moved on from Ryan Tannehill this offseason, trading their 2012 first-round pick to the Tennessee Titans.

This year’s draft is fun for Dolphins fans, as there really is no information leaking out of the organization that would give away what they are thinking. At this point, while the line of scrimmage seems to be the favorite, Miami really could do anything with the 13th overall pick and throughout the three-day selection process.

Do you agree with the FanPulse results? Will Miami address one, two, or all three of the top needs this year? If you voted “Other,” what position would you say is the top need?