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Dolphins are one of five teams that have “shown the most interest” in Buckeyes QB Dwayne Haskins

Could Haskins be the Dolphins top-QB target?

Ohio State v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

We are just two days away from the 2019 NFL Draft, and the rumors and rumblings are beginning to surface.

For the Dolphins, it is anyone’s guess as to what their plan is heading into the first round of this year’s draft. They could address the offensive and defensive lines, or draft a suffocating cornerback to help transition to Flores’ new defense. Or maybe, just maybe, the Dolphins draft a quarterback on Day 1.

Maybe, in a year when Dwayne Wade retired as the face of Miami sports. A new ‘Dwayne’ is brought in to help usher in the new era of Dolphins football.

Earlier this offseason, I talked extensively about Dwayne Haskins and his fit with Chad O’Shea and Miami. After all, the Dolphins have shown interest this offseason. And according to Haskins, they are one of five teams that “have shown he most interest” in the 6’3, 220-pound QB.

As Mike Florio tweeted out a short time ago, the Dolphins are one of five teams that have shown the most interest in Haskins.

And here is the direct quote from Haskins.

Yes, it is smoke and mirrors season and if the Dolphins intend on drafting Haskins, they would likely need to trade up. Some reports suggest Haskins is not the first or second quarterbacks on some team’s draft boards, which is crazy to me. However, if he were to fall to #13, the decision would be easy.

In conclusion, I believe Dwayne Haskins can be a franchise quarterback that could help bring relevance back to a franchise sinking in mediocrity. I’m just not sure he’s available when the Dolphins draft at 13. And with a plethora of talented quarterbacks awaiting in 2020, the risk may be too much for the new Miami Dolphins.