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Happy NFL Schedule Release Day!

How will the schedule fall for Brian Flores and the Miami Dolphins?

Miami Dolphins Introduce Brian Flores Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Today is the day, folks.

As is tradition, the NFL will release the entire 2019 schedule later this evening. Which means fans can begin planning their trips to their favorite team’s city. (Personally, I may be in town for the Dolphins vs Eagles game in addition to others.)

Nevertheless, it allows us to see how the team could fair this upcoming season.

Is there a stretch of games that seem nearly impossible?

Will they get an early or late BYE?

When will Ryan Fitzpatrick get his revenge vs the Bills and Jets?

Who do the Dolphins play week one?

Is their opening game home or away?

Aside from Thursday Night Football, will Miami play in Prime Time?

Are the Thanksgiving Day rumors vs Dallas true?

All of these questions will be answered.

Check back throughout the day, as we bring you the latest on the Miami Dolphins 2019 schedule.

And don’t miss NFL Network’s schedule release show, tonight at 8 PM EST.