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Phinsider Radio: San Antonio Commander Team Reporter Cole Thompson Breaks Down Miami Dolphins AAF Signings

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Arizona Hotshots v San Antonio Commanders Photo by Ronald Cortes//Getty Images

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Cole Thompson, the San Antonio Commander’s former team reporter, joins the Phinsider Radio team in the studio to give an in-depth analysis on the Miami Dolphins’ recent acquisitions.

  • Defensive end, and Alliance of American Football sack leader, Jayrone Elliott
  • Defensive tackle, Joey Mbu
  • Running back, Kenneth Farrow
  • Linebacker, Tyrone Holmes
  • Offensive tackle, Jaryd Jones-Smith

Cole breaks down these players’ fits in Miami’s offensive and defensive schemes, and gives us the inside scoop about these football players as men.

Who will make the 53-man roster?

All this and more on this episode of Phinsider Radio!

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