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NFL Combine Chatter and Other Dolphins’ Related News

A summary of some of the NFL related tidbits on Twitter over the past week

NFL Combine - Day 4 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

We’re one Sunday closer to the 2019 NFL season.

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One Sunday closer

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As you can tell, some players, like Kenyan Drake, are looking forward to the new season as well. The past few weeks have dragged on for us NFL fans, but at least we had the NFL Combine to entertain us the last few days. What were your thoughts on it? Who impressed you? I followed along on Twitter as much as possible and especially enjoyed watching our own Phinsider writer, Sutton, giving us an inside look and interviews over the weekend.

With that being said, here’s some of what I saw happening on Twitter and some of the updates and draft pick rumors discussed on Twitter.

NFL Combine and Draft Talk

  • I want to start off with a clip from an interview of head coach, Brian Flores, at the Combine with GMFB’s Peter Schrager.

Before anyone makes a comment, I know many of us were excited when we first hired Adam Gase. That being said, I just feel something different about Flores. He definitely has impressed me with the coaching staff he has formed. It seems like the front office/staff finally may all be on the same page and they truly are looking to build a winning team (the right way). Would you fans agree?

  • Let’s discuss all the quarterback chatter that happened. First off, if you followed along on Twitter or NFL channel, you should know by now that the rumor is that Kyler Murray is to be the number one overall draft pick by the Cardinals.

Before the Combine I was not sold on him as a pick for our team. It appears it doesn’t even matter now, and also looks as if all the mock drafts by many Dolphins’ beat writers and fan sites stopped discussing the option of him as well. Will he turn out to be the next greatest thing? I’m not sure, but others certainly are sold on him.

  • The Cardinals have Josh Rosen currently as their quarterback and he was their number one pick in 2018. If they do indeed pick Murray, what does that mean for Rosen? Think about this example that Benjamin Allbright tweeted this morning.

They have the number one pick and may use it on a position they really don’t need and unsure if this new QB will even be worth it. It’s interesting to say the least.

If you search Rosen’s name you will see the multiple rumors of teams that would possibly take him. Let’s take this mock draft for example.

Apparently, the Miami Dolphins will be giving up their number 13 pick ( and probably other picks) to the Cardinals for Rosen in this mock draft. So, does that mean we may be in the mix for an updated quarterback? How do I feel about that? That’s a hard pass for me. Absolutely against it and believe Flores would be as well. According to this tweet by Omar Kelly, he agrees that the Dolphins are not interested.

I’d rather go for a DE (Dolphins are releasing Andre Branch), DT, RB, LB, OL, CB or really anything but a quarterback with our first few picks. There are so many other needs and talented players in this draft class, I say either stay at 13 or trade down for more picks and stock up. Maybe draft a quarterback later or even possibly aim for a franchise quarterback in 2020 draft.

  • Let’s look at some of the other top draft prospects:

LB Devin White from LSU with his emotional reaction to his 40 time

Or what about LSU’s CB Greedy Williams?

I remember that Auburn/LSU game, by the way. We lost by one point. One darn point.

Anyways, it seems some other Dolphins’ writers have Clemson’s DT Christian Wilkins in mind for our 13th pick.

I can totally support that move as well. What do you fellow fans think? Who would you like the Dolphins to pick? Should they snag a quarterback if one is available? If Murray is gone and Drew Lock is still available, would you take him? According to this clip, he believes he could one day be the next Aaron Rogers.

A little enthusiastic in my opinion, but it’s good to have goals. I honestly don’t believe he would fall to number 13, but that’s the beauty of the NFL Draft. You just never really know.

Trade Rumors and other Related Dolphins’ Talk and ICYMI

Omar Kelly tweeted this out yesterday.

He will be one of the top free agents and some fans would love to see him in a Dolphins’ uni next season. He is good. Very good, but is he worth the price tag and is he someone Flores wants? As Simon Clancy mentioned in the comments, he is a guy you would think about build your front seven around. As of this morning it appears Flowers will be looking for more of that $17 million salary.

I have to agree with Matt here. That’s a hard pass.

Ryan Tannehill was mentioned a few times in my feed. Many believe nobody will make a trade with the Dolphins because of his price tag.

But according to that tweet he is still ranked above other quarterbacks. Flores was asked about Tannehill while he was at the Combine and he did a great job dodging the question and not really giving a direct answer.

Flores is great at talking but not really saying too much. We really don’t know what will happen with Tannehill and it still stings me a bit. He worked so hard for our team and I do wish him the best (wherever he may end up).

As far as the future of Xavien Howard (and some fans can now stop discussing trading him), Grier made it clear he expects Howard to return this next season.

I hope we can find a way to keep James (depending on his salary) and Cam Wake as well. I’m a fan of both but not sure we will be able to keep Wake. My fingers will be crossed though, because that one will hurt if he does indeed leave.

Final Thoughts

After this weekend, I don’t think the NFL Draft can be here fast enough. I want to see who indeed takes Kyler Murray mainly because we’ve all heard so much talk about him for weeks. What is our team going to do? Who are their top five draft choices? Because you know every team has those top ones and then the “what is next” list if one is snagged. Will we all be shocked if we see the Dolphins move up? I personally think they could trade up, but not sure it will be for a quarterback. I love following along with the draft talk rumors but I don’t try to get too worked up or set on a particular person. I stress enough the rest of the season and enjoy this time where I can just hope our coaches/GM etc. make the right choice. We’re just a few weeks away before we get all the Draft answers and then can focus on who will actually be on our 2019 team. Enjoy all the chatter over the next few weeks and let’s see what happens until then.