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Dolphins to add new alternate jersey? Could white throwback debut?

Miami Dolphins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The NFL is currently holding their annual league meetings with all of the owners in Arizona. During these meetings, executives and coaches often get a chance to speak with the media, and other rumors or snippets of stories get leaked. It is an annual chance for the league to remind everyone that football is still king, because we will all run with any little morsel that falls to the floor.

Tuesday afternoon, a morsel hit the floor, and it could be a fun one.

The Palm Beach Post’s Joe Schad simply tweeted, “Look for an alternate Miami Dolphins jersey in 2019.” Pretty simple without a lot of details about what this alternate could be.

Maybe the team will add a dark colored jersey to be used in night games or on the road when they face other teams that wear white at home (*cough* Dallas Cowboys *cough*). Maybe they have a gray look that could surprise all of us.

Or maybe, just maybe, they will compliment one of the best looking throwback uniforms in the league with a white version.

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Dolphins have had a white version of this uniform in the past, as Ricky Williams is showing you at the top of the article. There were rumors last year that the Dolphins could be looking to add the white throwback as an alternate. Ahead of last season, the NFL relaxed their uniform rules a little, allowing teams to use alternate/throwback uniforms three times per season and allowing them to have two alternate options, one of which could be the team’s “color rush” uniforms. The Dolphins have stayed away from their highlighter all-orange look since it stopped being mandatory on Thursday nights, so this could be a sign that the orange look is gone completely, with the new (white?) jersey replacing it.

Is this the new alternate Schad is hinting could be on its way?