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Just when it felt like we reached rock-bottom in our rebuilding efforts, allowing desirable free agents to walk for greener pastures, we signed career journeyman QB Ryan FitzPatrick.

And now the Miami Dolphins official twitter account is seriously promoting the captain of chaos, Ryan FitzPatrick as our QB1 going into the 2019 season. [stop laughing]

Since it’s not up to us, we have to deal with it.

Might as well have fun with this process, so buckle-up kids...

One does not simply sign an old street free agent to be your QB1.

NOW it feels like a rebuild

Clearly this post is missing something.

Even SNL signed FitzPatrick once

Me, trying to see who we’re drafting next month...

Who we drafting?

Am I just being too salty here?

Salt Bae

Please, tell me more about getting 400+ yards passing with 4+ INTs on the regular.

Wonka Flocka Flame

One the other hand, Ryan FitzPatrick is like that cool friend we all knew back in the day.

Scumbag Steve’s Daddy

All we can hope for in 2019 is to get entertained. Enjoy the ride kids...

The Most Interesting QB