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The time was right to move on from QB Ryan Tannehill

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

It was the right time for the Miami Dolphins to move on from quarterback RYan Tannehill, who was drafted in 2012 with the eighth overall selection. The organization has gone through numerous coaching staff, because of the team’s inability to get out of mediocrity. It’s true that the Dolphins had no luck with building a proper offensive line, with constant changes and adjustments due to injuries and lackluster play. The Dolphins haven’t been able to find a franchise guard and are still looking for one.

The Dolphins and Tannehill also saw numerous offensive coordinator changes from Mike Sherman to Bill Lazor to Clyde Christensen. A combination of offensive coordinator changes and a mediocre offensive line hampered Tannehill’s ability to take that next step. Here is a look at Tannehill’s stats throughout his tenure with the Dolphins.

2012 3,294 12 TD’s 13 INTs QBR 72.1%

2013 3,913 24 TD’s 17 INTs QBR 81.7%

2014 4,045 27 TD’S 12 INTs QBR 92.8%

2015 4,208 24 TD’s 12 INTs QBR 88.7 %

2016 2,995 19 TD’s 12 INTs QBR 93.5%***

2017 ***

2018 1,979 17 TD’s 9 INTs QBR 92.7%

*** Season-Ending Injury

Tannehill’s best season as the Dolphins starting quarterback was in 2016, but it was cut short due to a season-ending knee injury. The downfall for Tannehill began after the knee injury. He wasn’t able to play the remainder of the season and missed the playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Furthermore, Tannehill suffered a step back that sidelined him for the 2017 season as well. That’s when the downward spiral began for Tannehill and ultimately cost him his job.

Once again, the Dolphins had a mediocre 2018 season as the team finished 7-9. The rumors started going around the league indicating that Tannehill’s time was running out. It would come down to either a trade or potentially a post-June 1st cut. The Dolphins had fired head coach Adam Gase a day after the regular season ended. Also, the organization had to wait until the end of the Super Bowl to hire defensive coordinator/ linebackers coach Brian Flores. Once Gase got fired, who was a huge supporter of Tannehill, it became apparent Tannehill would not survive the coaching change. Eventually, the Dolphins decided to trade Tannehill and 2019 sixth-round draft pick to the Tennessee Titans. In return, they received a 2019 seventh-round pick and a valuable 2020 fourth-round draft pick.

I used to support Tannehill, but I started to realize that he wasn’t going to take the Dolphins to the promised land. I know some fans believed that Tannehill never had a good offensive line, but are you willing to give him another year? I wasn’t ready to do that once again and give myself false hope. I have already moved on and I’m ready for a new quarterback. The team might end up waiting to 2020, but the time was right to move on from Tannehill.

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