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Brian Flores: ‘We’re going to try to win every game’

Miami Dolphins Introduce Brian Flores Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins may be in the middle of an offseason where they reset the salary cap and focus on bringing in young talent over the next couple of years more than their recent free agency spending sprees. Some call it a “tank” season for the Dolphins. Others see it as the first step in the team rebuilding for sustained success in the league. Head coach Brian Flores sees it as just a normal offseason.

I think every team’s rebuilding. That’s this league. Every team rebuilds every year because no team is the same every year,” Flores told NFL Network’s Judy Battista Saturday. “So the Patriots are going to be different than they were last year. So are the Bills, so are the Jets. So is every other team. So that’s my personal philosophies. Last year was last year. This year is this year. Everyone is in a building stage right now”

While the talk this offseason seems to focus on Miami putting themselves in position to select a top quarterback prospect in the 2020 NFL Draft, Flores does not see “tanking” as the team’s 2019 plan. Battista pointed to the Dolphins’ accumulating draft picks and clearing cap space, asking Flores if he sees the Dolphins as a team dismantling this year for a big growth period in the future. “Every team’s process is going to be a little different, Flores explained. “We have had an opportunity to accumulate some picks. And I think we try to take advantage of that. I think every team tried to do that, or will try to do that if they can. Our process really is no different than anyone else’s.”

He continued, “I can tell you, we’re going to go try, gonna go out there and try to win every game. That’s gonna be our goal every week. So I think that’s where we’re at.”

Battista asked if Flores sees his position with the Dolphins as secure enough to make it through the growth and building process, which takes time in a league where immediate success is a necessity for a coach keep his job. “I’m a very confident individual. I’m confident in my leadership ability. I’m confident in my ability to coach - defensively, offensively, and in the kicking game. Yeah. I’m confident in myself but I am also confident in the people in our building. From (General Manager) Chris Grier to (Vice President of Football Administration) Brandon Shore to our coaching staff to our media team, we’ve got a lot of good people there.

“I think the foundation is there. and just like every other team, we are building. But we talk about this, it is going to take a lot of hard work, it’s going to take sticking together, going through adversity and coming out the other side. I think we are going to try to wire the team and wire the people in the building to be ready for that. I think we will be okay.”

Flores is looking to win every game this year - exactly what a team and a coaching staff should be doing. A coach should never want to purposely lose games - the definition of “tanking” - but he also seems to realize the Dolphins are going to face adversity and they will have to get through it. No matter what happens, the Dolphins are going to be playing to win in 2019 every time they step on the field.