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Miami Dolphins do not offer “life-changing money”, Teddy Bridgewater re-signs with the New Orleans Saints

What’s the next step for the Dolphins at QB?

NFL: Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints The Advertiser-USA TODAY NETWORK

Teddy Bridgewater has re-signed with the New Orleans Saints, after meeting with the Miami Dolphins yesterday. The writing was on the wall when he left team headquarters without a contract.

The connection to DeVante Parker notwithstanding, Bridgewater is a local product and the Dolphins are believed to be one of the few teams with open auditions at QB.

Although you can hardly measure a person’s motivation, Teddy may have seen New Orleans as a more desirable long-term destination as opposed to a likely 1 year stop-gap in Miami (to then become the mentor for the Dolphins shiny QB investment). It’s only a matter of time before the Dolphins pull the trigger on a 1st round QB, perhaps as early as this year.

The Dolphins chose to stick to their price point, and will now re-evaluate options. Ryan Tannehill remains under contract, Blake Bortles is available in free agency, as is my mom.

Do the Dolphins make a trade? Push their chips and draft someone? Ride with who they have? It’s wide open — what do you think? Let me know down in the Comments Section!