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Is keeping Ryan Tannehill the right move for the Dolphins?

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t call it a comeback, he’s been here for years. Could the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins in September 2019 be the same starting quarterback they had in September 2018? Could Ryan Tannehill continue to helm the Dolphins’ offense?

It seems like it is more than a possibility at this point. The Dolphins were supposedly interested in signing former Cleveland Browns quarterback Tyrod Taylor, but he signed in free agency with the Los Angeles Chargers. Miami has hosted Teddy Bridgewater on a free agency visit, but no deal has been completed as of yet, and there were already rumors prior to the visit that Bridgewater plans to re-sign with the New Orleans Saints to serve as the backup and heir apparent to Drew Brees.

Which leaves the Dolphins, who would like to get out from under the $26.6 million salary cap number for Tannehill in 2019, looking for a starting quarterback. The best choice is probably the guy on the roster.

Who is the better option? Blake Bortles or Ryan Tannehill? Josh McCown or Ryan Tannehill? Ryan Fitzpatrick or Ryan Tannehill? Robert Griffin III or Ryan Tannehill?

Add in that, unless the Dolphins use the post-June 1 option if they release Tannehill, the team is already committed to $13.4 million counting against them for the quarterback position - the dead money that it cost Miami with a release of Tannehill - the question becomes, does whatever a new veteran quarterback will demand plus that $13.4 be enough savings from Tannehill?

The Dolphins seem intent on having a veteran starter this year, with the potential of adding a rookie in the NFL Draft. That could still happen with Tannehill.

I have said it many times, you do not get rid of your Alex Smith until you have your Patrick Mahomes. The Dolphins have their Smith in Tannehill, but they do not have their Mahomes yet. Maybe they can find a different Smith, but until they know that they have him, do you risk getting rid of the quarterback you know?

It is a new coaching staff, and they probably want their guy to take charge of the team, but in a down year for draft prospects at the quarterback position, and a free agency pool that - other than Nick Foles - really would be headlined by Ryan Tannehill, is keeping Tannehill the right move for the Dolphins?

It just might be.