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Free Agency Week

What will our Dolphins do?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Free agency week has arrived and it’s already been a busy Monday. Teams are allowed to negotiate with the agents of upcoming unrestricted free agents starting today until Wednesday 4 p.m. ET. This Wednesday is when we’ll see a lot more action and when free agents can officially sign contracts. So, with all that being said, what will our beloved Miami Dolphins be doing this week? Well, I’m not exactly sure but rumor is to not expect too much signing as far as our team is concerned.

Saying Goodbye

As you already know, the former Dolphins’ one year WR Danny Amendola (1yr with us) is gone and already found a new home in Detroit.

I wish you all the best Danny. I’m glad you went elsewhere and not back to New England. I enjoy watching Patriots’ fans hoping to see you reunite with them and yet be disappointed.

Other players rumored to be either traded/released/have been released of that has been filling my feed:

  • G Ted Larsen (released)
  • DE Andre Branch (released)
  • Ju’Wuan James (if signed for less than 9-11 million)
  • Reshad Jones
  • Cameron Wake
  • Kenny Stills
  • Josh Sitton
  • DeVante Parker
  • Robert Quinn
  • Kiko Alonso
  • Frank Gore (rumored interest by Bills)

Now those aren’t all the names, but just the ones mentioned most in my feed. I don’t want to lose James but I think it comes down to the going rate in the FA market. I also would like to keep Jones, Wake, Stills, Gore and Sitton. However, I just don’t see that happening. The Dolphins are rebuilding and they need to cut ties with some players and clear cap space. Let’s be real for a minute, the hardest player to see walk will be Cameron Wake. This was my reaction when I read that he will probably be walking.

I still feel the same way today. I will shed a few tears for sure, but if/when he leaves I hope its for a team like the Rams or really anyone other than a AFC East team. I do not want to see our beloved Wake on a rival team because that would be like someone jabbing the knife in our chest even deeper. This will be one interesting week for sure. I’m sure we’ll all be tuned in to see what moves we make.

Possible Welcomes

Now, if you follow Twitter, there are multiple rumors that we should expect Tannehill to be released/traded this week. Nothing has been set though and it appears, same as last week, that nobody quite knows what the Dolphins are up to. Remember I mentioned my feed was filled with talk of Rosen? Well, that quickly has faded and now it’s filled with Tyrod Taylor.

According to Armando Salguero, sources are saying the Dolphins’ are in the mix to have him as a potential Tannehill replacement. Wait a minute. Now, isn’t Armando the one who has been rallying for the whole, “Tank for Tua” thing? I’ve seen multiple people discussing this potential idea and I’m not buying it. I will prefer to just wait and see what the Dolphins will actually do. Sometimes I feel as if people will site any kind of “source” to get all the clicks.

What do you fans think about this? I would personally rather our team not do too much damage this free agency and sign a few cheaper veteran options. I agree with this tweet by Three Yards Per Carry.

We really don’t have a good idea. It’s honestly all rumors/talk right now and I’m okay with it. I kinda like not knowing what is happening and being surprised.

There are still rumors that Dolphins are in the mix for Trey Flowers. If you type his name in there are multiple rumors that the Dolphins want him and so do the Lions. Will we pay his asking price? Who knows.

I just know my feed is filled saying there is real interest by the Dolphins. We shall see what they do.

One signing that did happen was former Patriots’ TE Dewayne Allen.

A bit taken from the article, “I understand the Dolphins have some good young tight ends, drafting Mike Gesicki and Durham Smythe in 2018, but the experience and expertise Allen can offer will only make this group better.” I’m all for it. Gesicki didn’t exactly have a stellar rookie year and could use someone as a mentor.

Let the Free Agency Begin

It’s going to be a fun week NFL fans. It always is this time of year. We’ll all watch to see what happens with our Dolphins and if you’re like me, what our rivals will be doing as well. Will we see James next year? When will Tannehill finally be released? Who will be our starting quarterback for 2019? Why can’t we keep Wake? So many unanswered questions. Keep your phone handy and keep up with all the FA news and be ready for a busy Wednesday. I know I’m going to make sure I keep my phone and charger handy this week.

See you all back here next Monday with, most likely, a whole lot of updates about our Dolphins.