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Phinsider Radio: Brian Flores, Super Bowl LIII, Brian Flores, stop drinking nasty beer, and the future with Brian Flores

Brian Flores

Miami Dolphins Introduce Brian Flores Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

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In as well-kept of a secret as trusting a 3 year-old to not reveal their own location in hide-and-seek, Brian Flores has officially been named the 13th head coach in Miami Dolphins history. Coming off the coattails of a beautiful team defensive performance, mixing prowess in game planning and play calling, Flores left Super Bowl LIII and immediately gets to work in a different set of colors.

Flores, with his background in scouting, has as good a chance as any at creating a streamlined communication process and a user-friendly and information-friendly system. The rebuild depends on finding talent in the NFL Draft, and Flores cultivating that talent.

We’ll discuss this and more on this episode of Phinsider Radio...

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