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REPORT: Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray has bulked up to 206 pounds before NFL Combine

The Heisman Trophey winner is ready to impress at this week’s combine

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Tomorrow, is the official start of the 2019 NFL combine.

And as the week’s festivities are set to begin, whispers and rumors will start to surface, regarding potential prospects and impending free agents. Some might say it is the best time of the year.

Throughout the week players will weigh in, interview with NFL teams, and showcase their god-given talent in front of the world. The combine is a chance for players to make their mark and prove their worth for an NFL team

One player that many consider to be among the most polarizing prospects in the 2019 NFL Draft, is Kyler Murray.

According to Peter King, in his latest Football Morning in America, Kyler Murray balked up for the combine and now weighs 206 pounds.

One bit of Murray news before we move on. The new Mike Mayock at NFL Network, Daniel Jeremiah—talk about big shoes to fill—told me over the weekend that he heard Murray has bulked up to 203 pounds from his OU playing weight of 190. And calling around over the weekend, I heard it was 206. That is significant. Here’s why: Talking to NFL people about Murray, as I wrote last week, there was worry that Murray had more of a Mookie Betts build in college than a Russell Wilson physique. Meaning Murray was not only small, but also slight. If Murray has spent the past five or six weeks bulking up, that would play in his favor at the combine and in completing scouting reports on a complex prospect, because teams want to see a thicker player than Murray was at OU. Theoretically, it would mean he’d be more equipped to withstand the pounding he’ll obviously have to face in the NFL.

This is good news for those Dolphins fans that want Kyler Murray. After all, one of the only negatives surrounding his game is his size. If he is indeed 1/8th of an inch under 5’10 and north of 205, that should help calm some of the narrative that he doesn’t have an NFL frame.

Soon enough, Kyler Murray is going to put to rest any doubt the critics once had.

What are you most looking forward to at this week’s NFL combine?

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