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Antonio Brown trade rumors: Dolphins make sense to CBS Sports

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Oakland Raiders Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

We have discussed this previously, but the rumors of the Miami Dolphins being a potential landing place for disgruntled Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown continue to find traction. The Dolphins have been listed among the betting favorites to trade for Brown. Now, CBS Sports have them listed as the fifth-favorite to add Brown’s talents for 2019.

John Breech ranked the eight top spots where he could see Brown landing, as well as the four spots where he will not be in 2019. Reports have indicated that the Steelers are looking to trade Brown to the NFC, rather than have him remain in the AFC and potentially an opponent in the playoffs. They have also indicated they are not looking to deal him within the AFC North - leading to Breech’s ruling out of the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, and Baltimore Ravens - and they will not deal him to the New England Patriots.

Breech starts with the San Francisco 49ers as the favorite, and that seems like the landing place most people seem to favor right now. He then goes to the Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders, and Green Bay Packers. With the fifth spot, he lists the Dolphins.

Brown landing in Miami would actually make a lot of sense. For one, he already lives there so he probably wouldn’t have any issue with a trade sending him to South Beach. Also, he would probably like the fact that he would instantly become the best receiver on the Dolphins’ roster. Brown finished the 2018 season with 1,297 receiving yards, which was more than the Dolphins’ top two receivers combined (Danny Amendola led the team with 575 yards, followed by Kenny Stills, who ended the season with 553 yards). Of course, the Dolphins don’t really have a quarterback right now, so that could potentially throw a wrench in things. It’s also possible the Dolphins wouldn’t want to put their first-year coach through all the drama that a player like Brown could potentially bring. New coach Brian Flores came is coming from New England and it’s very possible Brown wouldn’t be on board with the South Beach version of the “Patriot Way.”

I still stand by my thoughts that Brown to the Dolphins will not be something that happens. The Dolphins need to rebuild, and trading for Brown will spend draft picks that they could use elsewhere. The Dolphins could use a top-tier wide receiver and Brown would give them that, but it feels like that move would be absolutely counter to anything the Dolphins have said they are going to do in building the team for long-term success and from the foundation up.

I think the Dolphins will continue to be in the talk of teams where Brown could land, but that will probably be about it. He would be the splashy addition Miami has made in the past offseasons, but it feels like this year, the team is looking to do things differently.