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Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged with solicitation of prostitution, per Florida police

New England Patriots Victory Parade Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

In the weird world of breaking Florida news, this story jumps to near the top. Multiple media reports are indicating the police in Jupiter, Florida are charging New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft with solicitation of prostitution. According to a Yahoo! Sports report, Kraft will be arrested as part of a prostitution ring bust that has been a part of a months’ long human trafficking investigation.

Mark Daniels, a Patriots beat writer from the Providence Journal, adds Kraft is “being charged with two counts of solicitation. This is the result of a six- month investigation in massage parlors in Florida. This also involved human traffickers. There is video evidence of the people being charged. Warrants were issued for 173 people.”

According to Jim DeFede of CBS4 in Miami, Kraft was “a regular visitor to the Orchid Spa and there is video of Bob Kraft in the ‘spa.’” He adds that Kraft was one of 25 people charged from the spa.

According to the Jupiter Police chief Daniel Kerr, as reported by Whitney McIntosh, the video of Kraft in the spa includes evidence of Kraft involved in sex acts. Kraft has a home in Palm Beach and, according to DeFede, would allegedly have his chauffeur drive him to the spa.

A charge of solicitation is often dropped after completion of a pre-trial diversion program, but the NFL could still look to discipline Kraft for his alleged actions and the reflection it has upon the league.

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