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NFL Trade Rumors 2019: Miami Dolphins among betting favorites for Antonio Brown

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

People love to include the Miami Dolphins in player transactions. It seems like a go-to move to throw the Dolphins - who have been big spenders in free agency in the past and therefore could be seen as a team that drives up the price of the next big-name free agent on the market - into every rumor when a player becomes available. Even bookmakers are getting in on the act now.

According to BetOnline.AG sports book, the Dolphins are among the odds-on favorites to land Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown. According to their bookmakers, the Arizona Cardinals are the favorite to have Brown in Week 1 of the 2019 season at 4/1, the Green Bay Packers are just behind them at 9/2, then the Dolphins at 5/1 - tied with the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers. Also included in the posted odds are the Indianapolis Colts (7/1), New York Jets (10/1), Washington Redskins (10/1), Cleveland Browns (12/1), Baltimore Ravens (20/1), Buffalo Bills (20/1), and New England Patriots (20/1).

I would immediately eliminate the Browns and Ravens, given it is unlikely the Steelers would trade Brown to a team in their own division, meaning they would have to face him twice a season. It is interesting that of the 12 teams listed, all four AFC East teams are represented.

Brown, a Miami native, makes a ton of sense for the Dolphins who need a “number one” receiver to complement Kenny Stills, Albert Wilson, Jakeem Grant, and Danny Amendola. With Miami looking to rebuild and not chase one-year, immediate success though, I really cannot see a way they would enter into any serious trade talks. I really do not see them spending draft picks - and any trade will likely include high picks - to get a player when the Dolphins recognize they have holes all over the roster and need to use the Draft to correct themselves.

Of course, that will not stop people from bringing up the Dolphins as a landing spot for Brown.