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Dolphins at Cowboys on Thanksgiving?

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins could be heading to Texas for Thanksgiving, according to a report. The Dolphins may be visiting the Dallas Cowboys in a holiday showdown, according to the SportsBusiness Journal. The Dolphins last played on Thanksgiving in 2011, losing to the Cowboys 20-19.

Miami has had success on the holiday, however, owning a 5-2 record. They beat the Detroit Lions in 2006, came away with a victory over the Cowboys in 2003, lost to Dallas in 1999, beat the Cowboys in 1993, demolished the St. Louis Cardinals in 1977, and beat the Cowboys in 1973. The 1993 game could be why the NFL is considering a Dolphins-Cowboys meeting this year, as the league looks to celebrate its 100th season.

The Dolphins and Cowboys played that game in 1993 in a snow game in Texas Stadium. As the game was winding down, Dallas led the Dolphins 14-13, as Pete Stoyanovich attempted a 40-yard field goal to win the game. The kick was blocked and, as the ball spun on the ground beyond the line of scrimmage, Dallas defensive lineman Leon Lett slid into the ball in an attempt to gain possession. When he did, the ball shot forward off his foot, leading to Miami regaining possession and giving Stoyanovich another shot at winning the game. This time the kick was good and the Dolphins escaped with the 16-14 victory.

The NFL is expected to use the 2019 season as a year-long celebration, which could being with a slight break from tradition. Since 2006, the NFL has had the defending Super Bowl champions host (other than in 2013 when the Baltimore Ravens were forced into a road game due to a scheduling conflict with the Baltimore Orioles) the Thursday night opener to the season. According to the report, the league is looking at making this year’s opener the Green Bay Packers at the Chicago Bears in an effort to highlight their oldest rivalry - the Bears and Packers first played in 1921.

The report also indicates the Bears and Lions could play in the other afternoon game on Thanksgiving. It does not indicate who would play in the third game that day.