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We Finally Have Our Official Coaching Staff

Dolphins news, rumors, and random updates

Miami Dolphins Introduce Brian Flores Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

One Sunday down my friends. We have just 29 more to go until our football Sundays return. We got this. With that being said, we are in for a long off-season, but an exciting and unknown one for us Dolphins’ fans. Since last Monday, when Flores was officially made our new head coach, he has been busy building his new staff and can we all agree it’s impressive. Very impressive.

Here is small piece from an article released by the Dolphins about the combined experience the 2019 coaching staff brings to the team: “Along with head coach Brian Flores, the 17 coaches combine for 179 years of NFL coaching experience. The group has 19 Super Bowl rings with four different organizations – Denver, Indianapolis, New England and the N.Y. Giants. During those 179 seasons, the coaching staff has made 94 playoff appearances, won 79 division titles and 31 conference championships. They’ve also been part of three national championships at the collegiate level.”

If you would like to read a bit more about some of the new additions check out this article the Miami Dolphins’ posted on Twitter today.

Let’s face it fans, we’ve had a rough go round, but you can’t help but smile a bit after seeing all those names. I am excited! We should all be excited about this new coaching staff. I will admit I was excited when we first hired Gase. Many of us were, but this one feels different (real quick..can we laugh a bit at the drama already unfolding with Gase and the Jets).

Coach Flores came from a winning franchise. I’m not going to listen to all the negative, “But no coaches are successful after leaving New England”, crap I’ve seen on Twitter. I don’t have time for that and lack desire to head into this upcoming season with such a negative or skeptical mindset. We have too long of an off-season, so just be hopeful and let’s see what happens shall we.

Last bit about Flores I want to add in is how impressed I was that he is such a strong family man. His press-conference impressed me with how he made sure to add in his supportive wife, kids, and parents right at the beginning. It may be no big deal to others, but something that impressed me personally. Also, his kids are super adorable, so there’s that too.

Tanking/Rebuilding/Trade Rumors

Let’s see what all was discussed the last week on Twitter when it comes to the Miami Dolphins. Basically, my news feed consisted of Klyer Murray polls and related articles, Danny Amendola, mock drafts, and if you think the Dolphins are tanking.

I’m not a fan of us grabbing Murray this draft. I would rather try for Tua in 2020 or even find a way to snag Lawrence in 2021. However, I don’t see Grier and Flores waiting till 2021 for a franchise quarterback. It seems like people are split on grabbing Murray at number 13 (if he is available) or passing and focusing on other needs. Let’s look at this poll that Matt Infante posted on Twitter.

So far, it’s about 70% in favor of Tua over Murray. It appears Dolphins’ fans are leaning towards waiting for the following season, but many NFL writers are saying Murray could be one of the bests from this upcoming draft. Here is clip from this morning on GMFB.

Now, I love me some Mahomes and if Murray truly is even a bit like him, then we would be dumb to not snag him. However, the jury is still out on this one. What do you think?

With all that being said, Murray posted today that he is now 100% committed to being an NFL quarterback.

Not everyone took the news very well. As stated in an article on ESPN, Murray signed with the Oakland A’s and stated he was supposedly going to be reporting for Spring Training. Murray will return $1.29 million of the $1.5 million signing bonus money the A’s gave him last year, a source told ESPN’s Jeff Passan. You can see replies on his tweet that I posted of happy and not so happy fans. However, he did finally make his choice.

If you’d like to know more about his playing experience here is a video of Murray’s entire 2018 season made by Chris Kouffman (big fan of Murray) if you’d like to check it out.

I’m going to watch some of this later during my slow time at work. I guess we’ll see what happens as the draft draws closer.

As far as Amendola talk, I’m not sure if Flores will keep him. Other than Parker (who will be gone thankfully), he is expecting a decent paycheck this upcoming season and not sure he is worth the money, especially when we can use it towards resigning other players.

I like Amendola but is he worth the $6 million? We could we use that money for people like Ju’Wuan James or extending Howard. Also, this tweet here is nonsense.

Like Travis Wingfield said on his podcast this morning, a rebuild is not going to take 3-4yrs. Ross is patient but not that patient. We do not need to wait several years, because it’s not like we are talent-less. We need a few spots filled and can build around the young talent we have already and that includes Xavien Howard. You can’t just easily replace a player like him. Also, his prime years will be gone? No. I don’t agree with any of this nonsense talk.

As far as the whole “tanking” topic that beat writer Armando likes to mention so much (Tank for Tua). Let’s be real. Our players and coaches will not go into 2019 purposely trying to lose games. It’s not happening. I would never want a team of mine to actually do that. Our franchise is rebuilding, yes, and that means we may need a year or so to build up a successful team. That said, I guarantee you that our players will still give all they’ve got to try and win each and every game. Especially, if it’s for a coaching staff they believe in. At least, that is how I feel about that topic and everyone has a right to their own thoughts on the matter.

Random Dolphins’ Related News

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me tweet this out last Tuesday. I was heading to bed when I saw this tweet pop up on my feed.

It was quickly taken down within minutes. But, dude, for real? You really should make sure you have a picture of the correct guy, especially with that kind of headline, before posting on Twitter. We got you Ricky!

If you follow Kenyan Drake on Twitter you may have noticed some poll tweets. It’s off-season and apparently he wants to start posting more random polls on Twitter. I like it, because we get to know the players a bit more personally besides their football playing skills. That being said, I have to disagree on this one Drake. Still love ya though.

It’s a hard pass when it comes to which is better. Blue cheese will always win. No need to argue, because you’re wrong. Moving on.

One rumor circulating, that I for one am super pumped about, is talk of the Dolphins playing in Dallas for a Thanksgiving game.

I know I know...we aren’t great at all when it comes to away Thursday night games (or even home ones), but it’s Thanksgiving. It’s a different kind of Thursday. It would be our team’s 8th Thanksgiving game and first one since 2011. I remember that 2011 game. I went home for Thanksgiving and watched it with my family. Besides losing that game it wasn’t exactly an exciting Thanksgiving either. The Dolphins have a 5-2 record and I hope I’m there this year to watch us improve it to 6-2. The stadium is a bucket list and my bestie Melanie will be joining me. FYI: We have yet to attend a losing Dolphins’ game together.

Final Thoughts

This is a slower time of the year for NFL fans. It will start to pick back up once March rolls around, so hang in there. Enjoy the break and for those of you stuck in all the snow storms, stay warm. It’s not too much longer before we can welcome the spring/summer months.

Feedback/thoughts/topic ideas are greatly appreciated. Hope you all have a great week and see you next week. As always, go Dolphins!