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Dolphins at Jets final score, recap, and immediate reactions

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins and New York Jets have completed their 2019 Week 14 contest, the second-half of the AFC East rivals’ annual home-and-home series.

Final Score

Dolphins 21 - Jets 22


The Dolphins opened the second half receiving the kickoff. Starting at their own 25-yard line, Miami started with Patrick Laird picking up two yards. Ryan Fitzpatrick then threw to Durham Smythe for two yards before a short pass to Isaiah Ford turned into a 25-yard gain. Laird then ran for one yard, before Fitzpatrick was sacked for a two-yard loss. Fitzpatrick looked deep to Mike Gesicki on 3rd-and-11, but the ball fell incomplete - with the Jets called for defensive pass interference, giving Miami a first down. Myles Gaskin was stopped for a four-yard loss on 1st-and-Goal, then two incomplete passes led to a Miami field goal. Jets 16-12.

New York started the drive with a three-yard run from Bilal Poweel, then another run for another three-yards. Sam Darnold then found Robbie Anderson crossing the middle for a six-yard gain and a first down; Anderson fumbled as he tried to jump over the defender, but the ball rolled out of bounds just before Miami could recover. After Darnold found Ty Montgomery for one yard, Powell again rushed for six yards. Darnold then looked deep, with Steven Parker intercepting the pass and returning it 35-yards.

Miami set up at the New York 23-yard line, with Gaskin picking up one yard on first down. Fitzpatrick then threw to Gaskin for six yards before an incomplete pass led to a field goal attempt. Like a first-half field goal kick from the Jets, the snap and hold were botched and the kick was missed.

The Jets then started their drive with a five-yard loss as Powell was stopped and fumbled. Powell picked up three yards then a Darnold to Powell pass was stopped two yards short of the first down, but a facemask penalty on Jerome Baker gave New York a new set of downs. Montgomery picked up nine yards on the next play. Powell picked up no yards on second down, but then converted on third down with a four-yard gain. Darnold picked up 17 yards on a pass to Montgomery, before Montgomery ran for nine yards. Montgomery ran for no gain on the next play, setting up 3rd-and-1, with Darnold unable to complete a pass to Jamison Crowder. Going for it on 4th down, the Jets ran Powell up the middle, but Miami, led by penetration from Raekwon McMillan, blew up the line of scrimmage and stopped the play short of the first down line.

Taking over on downs at their own 14-yard line, Miami began with an incomplete pass on both first and second downs. On 3rd-and-10, Fitzpatrick looked for Mike Gesicki, who got a hand on the ball but could not pull it in - though the play would have been negated by an illegal shift penalty the Jets declined. Miami punted on the three-and-out.

Darnold looked deep to start the drive, with Miami breaking up the pass intended for Anderson. Powell picked up three yards on 2nd down, leading to the end of the quarter. An incomplete pass intended for Braxton Berrios on 3rd down led to a Jets punt.

Miami started the possession with 16-yard run from Laird, followed by eight yards from Laird after a Fitzpatrick fumble. Fitzpatrick then found Ford for 13 yards before Laird added another 14 yards. Fitzpatrick scrambled for six yards before Laird picked up another two yards. On 3rd-and-2, Miami was penalized for holding, backing up into a 3rd-and-7. Fitzpatrick threw incomplete, leading to a 53-yard field goal. Jets 16-15.

New York went three-and-out on their drive, with Montgomery stopped after two yards by Christian Wilkins and McMillan, then Wilkins stopped him again after two yards. Darnold looked to Crowder on third down, but Nik Needham broke up the pass and the Jets punted.

Fitzpatrick threw to Ford for 12 yards to start the drive. After an incomplete pass was negated by a roughing the passer penalty on New York, Miami set up with a 1st-and-10 at the Jets 38. Fitzpatrick picked up nine yards on a bootleg scramble, then Laird picked up no yards on a pass to the flat. Fitzpatrick was hit as he threw on 3rd-and-1, with the ball off target toward Ford. On 4th-and-1, Miami tried to get the Jets to jump, but called timeout and tried a 47-yard field goal, taking the lead. Dolphins 18-16.

The Jets started their drive with an 18-yard pass from Darnold to Anderson. After an incomplete pass, Darnold found Crowder for 10 yards, then threw a bubble screen to Anderson for six yards and a first down. Darnold then connected with Anderson for 13 yards, with a declined illegal contact penalty on Miami. Darnold looked deep to Anderson on 1st-and-10 from the Miami 28, but the pass was broken up by Ryan Lewis. Powell then picked up four yards up the middle on 2nd down, setting up 3rd-and-6. Darnold overthrew a ball in the endzone intended for Anderson, and the Jets settled for a field goal attempt. Jets 19-18.

Miami started with Fitzpatrick looking to Ford for 16 yards, then Hurns for six. Fitzpatrick went back to Ford for another 12 yards, then scrambled for 14 yards only to have a holding penalty back up the Dolphins into a 1st-and-20. Fitzpatrick found Hurns for 15 yards on the next play, setting up Miami inside field goal range as the clock reached the 2-minute warning. Fitzpatrick then lobbed a pass down the sideline to Laird for 21 yards, setting up 1st-and-10 at the 15. Laird lost two yards on the first play, as the Jets called time out. Fitzpatrick was then sacked for a three-yard loss and Laird ran for one yard, leading to a Sanders field goal attempt. With the field goal, his seventh of the day, Sanders set a new franchise record and moved within one of the league record. Dolphins 21-19.

New York opened up quickly, with Darnold throwing to Vyncint Smith for a 37-yard gain as Miami just missed an interception and then had to react to the miss. After an incomplete pass, Andrew Van Ginkel was able to sack Darnold for a seven yard loss. Following a Jets timeout, Darnold threw incomplete to Smith, with the pass reviewed for interference - and overturned giving the Jets the ball at the Miami 38 and first down. Montgomery ran up the middle for now gain, with the Jets running the clock to three seconds before spiking the ball. Sam Fiken connected with time running out. Jets 22-21

Immediate Reactions

The Dolphins came into this week fourth in the NFL in red zone offense. They are struggling today, settling for field goal after field goal.

This game just felt like a game between two teams at the bottom of their division standings and in contention for an early draft pick.

Brian Flores is HOT! I wish I could be in that post-game conference. He did not agree with the pass interference overturn, and he is letting the refs hear it.

This game just felt like two teams who could not ever find a rhythm, struggling against themselves more than anything.