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How did Dolphins’ win over Eagles impact fan confidence in team? Our FanPulse survey results are here

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Philadelphia Eagles v Miami Dolphins Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins’ 2019 season is a strange one for fans. It is a year in which losing is not as horrible as it usually is, and where wins are fun but also come at a potential draft pick cost. It is confusing, but as we reach the final quarter of the season, it is also fun.

The Dolphins took it to the Philadelphia Eagles last week, and they did it through hard play, creativity, and all-time great moments. It was a fun game and it was one in which the fans rallied behind the team. Early in the game, the visitors side of the stands, and even around into the endzones, were loud and rowdy - for the Eagles. But, it quickly died away as the Dolphins punched back every time Philadelphia stepped up, and then Miami took charge and put the Eagles on their butt.

With the win over the Eagles, Miami moved to 3-9 on the year. They are not going to be something special this year, but they could be a great spoiler down the stretch. But will being a spoiler also spoil Miami’s 2020 NFL Draft, where they have three first-round picks? How are fans reacting to a win for Miami and how does it reflect on how they feel about the direction of the team?

According to our SB Nation FanPulse survey for this week, the fan base has not been as positive about the direction of the Dolphins this year as they are right now. After sitting at 67 percent of the fans saying they are confidence in the direction of the team the last two weeks. they number moved up to 73 percent this week - surpassing the previous high-water mark of 71 percent heading into Week 10. Miami’s fan-confidence ranks them as the team with the ninth-highest fan confidence rating in the league.

The loss by the Eagles, who could have tied the Dallas Cowboys atop the NFC East with a win over Miami - and be sitting in first place by a half game after this week’s Thursday night loss by Dallas - pushed their fan confidence from 14 percent before the game down to just four percent this week.

Miami now has a run of opponents who are all low on the fan-confidence poll. The New York Jets, this week’s opponent, have a five percent confidence rating, while the New York Giants, Week 15’s opponent, are at 11 percent, and the Cincinnati Bengals, who Miami hosts in Week 16, are at 29 percent. Even the New England Patriots, who are 10-2 on the season and host the Dolphins in the Week 17 season finale, are behind Miami’s rating, with a 42 percent rating.

If you would like to share your views on the Dolphins each week, make sure you join our FanPulse survey. It is a weekly email survey sent on Mondays with 2-3 questions that takes about 2 minutes to complete.