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Phinsider Radio: Surprising finish to the Miami Dolphins 2019 season

Join us for another episode of our award-winning podcast, Phinsider Radio

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

First, I’d like to say Happy New Years to all of our loyal listeners. We apologize for our Christmas Vacation but are back to bring you our award-winning podcast. And I promise, BIG THINGS are happening in 2020. Go Dolphins!

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In this week’s episode of Phinsider Radio: Matthew Cannata (@CannataPFN), Aaron Sutton (@ASuttonPFN), and myself (@houtz) discuss the Miami Dolphins 27-24 victory over the New England Patriots.

How did the Dolphins pull off this improbable victory and what does it mean for the future of Miami’s football team? Houtz discusses Parker’s big day vs Stephon Gilmore, ‘ThE bESt CoRnErBaCk aNd FoOtBaLL and we talk about how important Ryan Fitzpatrick is to this organization.

Next, we talk about the coaching carousel in Miami. Who will step up as the team’s offensive coordinator now that Chad O’Shea is gone? Matthew Cannata tells you everything you need to know about the next man up in Miami.

We then discuss the Xavien Howard arrest and what it means for the star CBs future with the team. Could his arrest void his big contract? Will Brian Flores choose to keep the playmaker? An important decision looms in Miami.

Lastly, we wrap up the show discussing Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa and whether or not the Dolphins will be ready to pull the trigger at #5. Sutton breaks down Tua’s odds to be drafted in the first-round and Cannata gives us some inside information you WON’T hear anywhere else!

All of this and more on today’s episode of Phinsider Radio!

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