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Mountaineer Shot T-Shirt available from BreakingT Company

The Miami Dolphins broke out another trick play this past weekend, surprising the Philadelphia Eagles when the field goal unit split apart and punter Matt Haack lined up in shotgun behind center Daniel Kilgore. Haack took the snap, looked right, ran left and threw a pass to a wide open Jason Sanders, the team’s kicker, in the endzone for the touchdown.

The play, named “Mountaineer Shot” in the team’s playbook, was worked on for a couple of weeks before being called in Sunday’s game. According to Sanders, the Eagles gave Miami exactly the look they wanted, and the team executed it exactly as drawn up.

And, now, our friends at BreakingT Company have put together a shirt for the play. Similar to their previously offered Miami Miracle shirt, this shirt lists the name of the play, the date, and breaks down how the Dolphins scored the touchdown:

If you would like to grab the shirt, you can purchase it here.