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NFL Winners Picks Week 17 2019

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Okay, so I completely forgot to post our Week 17 The Phinsider straight-up winners picks. Our group all made their picks, but I just did not put the post together. I should probably fix that.

I really do not understand our picks this year. I went 10-6 last week - good enough for last place...again. What has happened this season? Justin Hier won the week at 13-3, with Kat Noa in second at 12-4, then James McKinney tied with me at 10-6.

That moves us to an overall standing of:

Kat 159-80-1
James 154-85-1 (5 GB)
Justin 153-86-1 (6 GB)
Kevin 142-97-1 (17 GB)

Seriously, what happened this year? I used to be good at picks, right? I mean, I was second last year to Kat, hitting on 61.6 percent of my picks, compared to her 61.8 percent. Kat’s at 66.5 percent heading into this week, while I am at a miserable 59.4 percent. Just for the record, James is at 64.4 percent and Justin is at 64.0 percent right on the season.

Here are our Week 17 picks:

Feel free to throw your picks in the comments below. Let us know how far ahead of me you are on the season. And, thanks again to TallySight for the widget.