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Fan confidence back into top ten in league for Dolphins after Bengals win

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Cincinnati Bengals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

After the Miami Dolphins’s Week 15 loss to the New York Giants, the fan confidence in the direction of the team fell to its lowest level since after Week 9, according to our SB Nation FanPulse survey. Despite vocal members of the fan base celebrating another loss so Miami could get a better draft position in April, the overall confidence in the team dropped to 61 percent of the fans agreeing with the direction of the franchise. That was an 11 point drop from the week before and moved Miami out of the top ten in franchise fan confidence.

Following the team’s Week 16 loss, the drop was brought back some, as now two-thirds of the fans are on board with the club’s direction. With that 67 percent confidence rating, the Dolphins moved back into the top ten - in tenth place - among the fan bases with the most confidence in the league.

The Baltimore Ravens continue to lead with their seventh-straight week at 100 percent confidence, while the New Orleans Saints tied them at 100 percent, the first time they have reached the perfect rating since Week 12. The Kansas City Chiefs are third at 97 percent, followed by the Buffalo Bills at 89 percent, the San Francisco 49ers at 87 percent, the New England Patriots at 85 percent, the Denver Broncos at 77 percent, the Arizona Cardinals at 76 percent, and the Tennessee Titans at 74 percent.

Miami is just ahead of the Green Bay Packers at 66 percent and the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, both at 65 percent.

This week, the survey also asked every fan base who they would want to see in the Super Bowl from both conferences. In the NFC, the Saints received 33.5 percent of the vote, while the San Francisco 49ers were second at 24.2 percent, the Minnesota Vikings were at 14.4 percent, the Seattle Seahawks received 9.8 percent, the NFC East Champions (Dallas Cowboys or Philadelphia Eagles) were at 9.2 percent, and the Green Bay Packers were the bottom of the conference at 9.0 percent.

On the AFC side, the Baltimore Ravens led the way at 37.1 percent, followed closely by the Kansas City Chiefs at 27.4 percent. The Buffalo Bills were third at 17.3 percent, while the New England Patriots received just 7.5 percent of the votes. The missing Wild Card Team (Tennessee Titans, Pittsburgh Steelers, or Oakland Raiders) received 6.0 percent, while the Houston Texans picked up just 4.9 percent.

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