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Victory Monday and Dolphins’ Fan Base Still Split

Just one last week to go of this interesting season

Cincinnati Bengals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Dolphins beat the Bengals, but not exactly the way most expected it to turn out. Remember, before Tua’s hip injury, this game was being referred to as “The Tua Bowl”. Once his injury happened, it turned into the the fight for the draft spot game or as Houtz put it, “The Toilet Bowl”.

Who would have thought a game between two of the worst teams in the NFL would have turned into overtime? Even crazier is, at the same time, the other two worst teams (Giants vs Redskins) were also heading into overtime. Both teams tied at 35-35 and in overtime, at the same time, all fighting for that top draft spot. Quite the unexpected Sunday, am I right?

In a perfect scenario, draft wise, it would have been ideal for the Dolphins to find a way to lose at the end of the Bengals’ game. Because with the Giants winning, we could have went up to the number two draft spot. But, alas, we did not and we’re back down to number five. Thus, begins the division, once again, between the Dolphins’ fan base.

Before I discuss the reactions to the win and our draft spot, let’s quickly bring up some positive takeaways from this game.

  • If you were one of those fans that thought Gesicki was a waste of a draft pick, I hope you realized you were mistaken.

He had one heck of game yesterday. Last year seemed to be a slow start for him, but let’s also consider who our coaches were at the time. I have always thought that he just needed the right coaching/guidance and some time to get comfortable and he would show why he was a second round draft pick.

  • DeVante Parker is quickly becoming one of my current favorite Dolphins’ player. Yes, even I had to reread and think, “Who would imagined that before this season?” Parker knows that he didn’t have the best support from beat writers and the fans. I remember a few times where he called our people on Twitter for saying negative things about his playing. Well, he definitely has proven to us what a difference it can make with the right coaching.

Speaking of coaching, just look at this tweet here and try and tell me they don’t miss Gase.

*Honestly, I’d replace Fitzpatrick with Gesicki, but otherwise very interesting.

  • Congratulations to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

He has absolutely earned his nickname Fitzmagic with how he is playing this season. He truly is fun to watch. I don’t think I’ve met a single person who dislikes the guy. I remember when they first signed him at the beginning of the season. I was wondering if he would even play decent, but I did think he will at least be entertaining to watch and will bring fans to the game. Well, he’s doing just that Dolfans. He did not disappoint. Also, how cool is this?

Doesn’t he just seem like the guy you would want at the yearly neighborhood barbecue? Like, “Wait Fitz is going? Oh, heck yeah, we’re not missing that.” Just an overall good dude and he brings excitement to our team and is a true leader. He may be ruining our draft spot, but it’s fine.

  • Christian Wilkins had his first NFL career touchdown and I couldn’t be happier for him.

He’s another fun player to watch. Yes, he does get a bit heated at times and needs to work on controlling that anger, but still looking forward to watching him over the next few years.

Post-Game Reactions and Draft Spot

I posted this last night and many fans agree.

I wanted the Dolphins to lose to the Bengals. I wanted a good match-up and then find a way to somehow lose, and it almost happened. Honestly, it would have been the sweetest ending to yesterday’s game, for us pro-draft spot folks. Yet, that didn’t happen and then began all the fighting amongst fans. Again.

What a time to be a Dolphins’ fan. I never imagined myself hoping for a season where are team played just well enough to get a top draft spot, but here I am. Yesterday’s win basically made the Dolphins go from number two down to number five and possibly to number seven, depending on how the final week goes.

There were fans who were annoyed at other fans for caring about the draft spot. Like this for example.

You can’t argue with Joe. He’s correct. The win to the Bengals sealed us losing out on a top three draft spot. I know the Dolphins can use their draft capital to move up, if they feel the player they want will be taken, but that wasn’t the point of this season. Now, with that being said, it’s mainly disappointing the most to those fans who were hoping to snag Chase Young or Joe Burrow. Those two players will be gone within the first three draft picks. If you’re like me, and still on the Tua train, we may be ok with picking fifth.

Let’s say Tua is cleared medically and we’re number five in the draft.

We should be fine, if Tua is our goal. The Bengals are basically taking Burrow. Washington has Haskins and they seem content with him. The Lions have Stafford at quarterback, and with his salary, I don’t see anyone taking that on so they could draft another quarterback. Plus, when they had a healthy Stafford, the Lions were playing well. The Giants clearly are set on quarterback, so we good there. My only concern is for a team further down (like Chargers or Jaguars) to attempt to make a deal to move ahead of us and snag Tua.

Like Simon tweeted out, we have no idea what is going to happen this draft and who exactly will be declaring for the 2020 draft. We’re still several months away and he’s right, that we need to just wait and see how this plays out. All that being said, buckle up because it’s going to be several months of daily mock drafts and bickering amongst fans when, ultimately, nobody has a single clue what’s going to happen. It’s a complete guessing game.

(I want to add this in real quick, which I’ve seen as an argument on Twitter. Winning games this season does not convince me to have more trust in this coaching staff. What I mean by that is, I already believed in this coaching staff and it seems some fans justified the win yesterday as a way to say they now can trust Flores. I also absolutely agreed that the coaches and players were not trying to tank or lose games. They played their heart out and I’m very proud of them. I just also kinda wish we still ended up with the top pick, but that’s ok. Moving on.)

What’s not a guessing game, however, is our 2020 schedule (minus the dates which normally come out April-May).

We can all agree that 2020 is going to be one tough year, especially with road games against the 49ers, Raiders, and Cardinals. Dang. Our home schedule is even more rough. However, one of those games will be played in London or Mexico City. I’m guessing it may be Chargers or Bengals. Just a guess though.

So, fans, let’s pause for a moment. Take a deep breath and exhale. Remember we all want the same ultimate goal for our Dolphins and we have a long off-season to bicker back and forth and maybe take the next week off from it. After all, it’s the holidays and some people already have a rough time personally this time of year. We can all rejoice in the fact this very confusing season is almost over and we can look forward to one the most important off-seasons/drafts in our franchise history.

Week 17 schedule as of now is the following for Sunday:

1pm EST games:

Dolphins at Pats, Packers at Lions, Jets at Bills, Bears at Vikings, Chargers at Chiefs, Browns at Bengals, Saints at Panthers, Falcons at Buccs

4:25 EST games:

Colts at Jags, Eagles at Giants, Cardinals at Rams, Steelers at Ravens, Titans at Texans, Raiders at Broncos, Redskins at Cowboys

The night game will be 49ers at Seahawks.

Lot of good games next week to finish out the season. I hope you all enjoy your last week of Dolphins’ football for the 2019 season. Let’s all toast to a better future in 2020!

Happy holidays to you all and see you back here in a week!