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Fan confidence slips after Dolphins loss to Giants

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NFL: DEC 15 Dolphins at Giants Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins lost for the 11th time in 2019, falling to 3-11 on the season with a 36-20 loss to the New York Giants. Headed into their Week 15 contest, the Dolphins had a fan base extrememly confident in the direction of the club, despite the losing season. After the Giants game, fan confidence has slipped for the Dolphins.

The fan confidence level, measured by our weekly SB Nation FanPulse survey, had reached top-ten levels in the league and nearly three-quarters of the fans agreeing with the direction of the team. After the loss to the Giants, that dropped to 12th in the league, down 11 points to just 61 percent of the fans confident in Miami’s direction.

Ahead of Miami in terms of percent of the fan base confident in the direction of their respective favorite team are the Baltimore Ravens, who continue to have 100 percent of their fans say they agree with the direction of the club. The Buffalo Bills have 97 percent of their fans confident, then the New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs both have a 95 percent rating. The San Francisco 49ers round out the top five and the teams above 90 percent with a 91 percent rating.

The Seattle Seahawks are next with 80 percent of their fans confident, followed by the Minnesota Vikings at 72 percent, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 71 percent, the New England Patriots at 67 percent, the Arizona Cardinals at 65 percent, and the Tennessee Titans at 63 percent.

Will this weekend’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals move the confidence level of the fans back into the top ten?

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