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Could Josh Rosen be the Dolphins starting QB in 2020?

Hey, stranger things have happened

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

After yesterday’s 37-31 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, the Miami Dolphins have now won three games in 2019. And for those fans heavily focused on the 2020 NFL draft, this means they will now select fourth-overall. Thankfully, it appears that after years of searching for the next great Dolphins’ head coach, they may have finally found their guy—but no head coach will last in the NFL without a QB. And that is something the Dolphins are still searching for, since the day the GOAT Dan Marino retired. Worst of all, as we inch closer and closer to the 2020 draft, the once great crop of QBs is slowly starting to diminish.

Sure, Joe Burrow still remains the clear front-runner and should be drafted #1 overall by the Cincinnati Bengals. Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa (my favorite) has a ton of uncertainty surrounding him, after suffering a season-ending hip injury a few weeks prior. And then there’s Justin Herbert, who with each passing week, continues to look more and more like an unfinished product. Nevertheless, there is a ton of uncertainty surrounding the 2020 class and we now must start to wonder—as crazy as it may sound—will the Dolphins draft a QB in round one?

Could they decide to punt on a QB this year, and look ahead to the 2021 class?

Would they sign Teddy Bridgewater or pull off a trade for Cam Newton?

Or, maybe Miami gives the 22-year old QB they invested a second-round draft pick in a chance to prove his worth next season? Maybe, they use their war chest of draft picks and $130M+ to build a solid foundation around him and see what he can accomplish.

With each passing day, Josh Rosen as Miami’s future QB doesn’t seem so bad. And if his hard work in practice continues to pay off, maybe the plan was to red-shirt him for a year, and then give him every opportunity to succeed next season.

As I mentioned on Friday night, there’s still a lot of potential with Rosen.

Flores also had this to say about Rosen and whether or not we could see him again this season.

“I think every week we’re going to try to put the guys (out there) we feel are going to help us win the game. That’s how we’re going to approach it as a team, as an organization. I think Josh has improved on a weekly basis from a practice standpoint. We’re seeing some growth and some development that you guys don’t see. If we feel like he gives us a good opportunity to win, we’ll stick him in there. If we feel like ‘Fitz’ (Ryan Fitzpatrick) is the guy, then we’ll do that.”

With another win, the Dolphins chances of landing the quarterback they once coveted continues to get more difficult. Maybe, not so much now at 3-9. But why would anyone expect this Miami team to lose to the Jets, Giants or Bengals? I know I don’t.

No matter what happens, Miami must select a QB in April’s draft. As we know, they currently have three first-round draft picks and can move up and down the board with relative ease. So, if there is a QB they truly covet, I think they need to go all-in to make it happen. But if they’d rather wait until 2021 and go after Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Brock Purdy, or one of other emerging prospects. Maybe, just maybe, Josh Rosen will get another chance to prove why he is nicknamed The Chosen One.

This Article was written by Josh Houtz (@Houtz)