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We Lost For a Good Cause

Another loss but at least our draft positioning improved

NFL: Miami Dolphins at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I have mixed feelings about the Dolphins’ loss yesterday. During the game, I started to root for us to win (which is rare for me this season), but also kinda wanted the Giants to win (mainly for Eli Mannings possible last home game). I mean, a win for the Giants also helps us for our draft spot, so it really was hard to be upset over it. I’m apparently not the only one who feels this way because I tweeted out asking other fans if they agreed and many people agreed.

I mean how can you not get a bit emotional watching this standing ovation for him.

The camera happens to briefly show the NYC Dolfan Club head members as well. I asked fans during the game if anyone, as a Dolphins’ fan, actually dislikes the Giants. I received over 60 replies and not a single person has any ill will towards them. I mean, let’s be honest, how can you? They are responsible for bringing down the Patriots and preventing them from achieving a perfect season. The 1972 Dolphins will forever be grateful to Eli for that 2008 Super Bowl victory.

But, back to Sunday’s game, our team looked decent the first half, but then just quickly faded the second half and just looked terrible. There’s not too much I want to discuss about the game, because it really wasn’t too pretty. However, I will mention a few things that stood out.

  • We really need an offensive line, and besides a quarterback, it has to be a priority. It’s embarrassing how bad it is.
  • Albert Wilson started to play like his old self yesterday.

Will the Dolphins keep him around next year? I’m not sure and it seems most aren’t quite sure. I think Wilson has several more good years left in him, but with us having Parker, Grant, Preston Williams (if he comes back 100%) and even Hurns, do we also keep Wilson? It will be interesting to see what happens this off-season, but I hope we do.

  • DeVante Parker continues to prove each week why the Dolphins gave him a four-year extension. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see Parker and Williams with Tua (or whoever we get as QB).
  • Vince Biegel had his first career interception.

We can all agree that is was a great find by the Miami Dolphins. I know he will be a part of our future.

That’s pretty much all I have as far as mentions for the game. We looked okay first half then we all watched out team fall apart the second half. I don’t expect to see much from our team the next couple games. It’s been a long season and I think we’re all ready to end this year and look forward to the off-season and NFL Draft.

What’s Next and Other Tidbits

The Redskins one yesterday and it helped us out and moved us back up to spot number three for our draft pick.

It’s going to be an interesting couple of weeks. We play the Bengals on Sunday, which I can see the Bengals winning (they played well against the Patriots yesterday) and the Giants will be playing the Redskins (no idea who may win that one), so draft spot wise, next Sunday could be interesting.

Speaking of games, did anyone call the Falcons beating the 49ers? That was a shock, and the funny part was the reactions to some of the Falcons’ fans on Twitter calling the win pointless because it messes up their draft positioning. I feel your pain. As far as our other first round picks, the Steelers’ loss to the Bills was positive for us. I felt weird rooting for the Bills to win, but you do what you gotta do for that better draft spot.

Week 16 and 17 are going to be interesting for sure. I don’t think we’re lucky enough to knock out both Texans and Steelers from the playoffs, but if we could knock out one I’ll take it.

Games to watch next Sunday that should be interesting:

  • Bengals at Dolphins 1pm
  • Texans at Buccs 1pm
  • Bills at Patriots 1pm (I think Bills can pull off a win)
  • Steelers at Jets 1pm
  • Giants at Redskins 1pm
  • Lions at Broncos 1pm (they’re too close for comfort draft spot wise and they need to win)

What’s not interesting by the way, is all the chatter I still see about Brady becoming a possible quarterback for the Dolphins. Please end that ridiculous theory. It will not happen. Just imagine the hot mess it would create amongst the fan base. I mean, just look how he’s playing this season so far anyways.

No thanks. Our fans are already divided on who we want as a rookie and some of you all still think there is hope for Rosen to become our guy (based on what Flores said today I think his time is coming to an end here).

I think it’s going to really depend on how the draft goes (if Tua is cleared medically) and who is available. Curious what will eventually happen to Rosen and if they will ever have faith in him or if he needs to possibly try another team.

Enjoy your week fans and try to enjoy the last two weeks of Dolphins football for 2019. Our time is coming where we will be making appearances in the post-season. It’ll happen sooner than we think.

Let met end with a huge congratulations to Drew Brees’ touchdown record.

Apparently Manning already congratulated him on his record. Last year tho.

I know some of us are still salty over the Dolphins passing on Brees. Thanks a lot Saban.

Have a good week Dolfans! Fins up!