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Dolphins at Giants final score, immediate reactions, recap

Miami Dolphins v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins and New York Giants completed their Week 15 showdown at MetLife Stadium. The result was the same as last week’s game at MetLife, where the Dolphins lost to the New York Jets.

Final Score

Dolphins 20 - Giants 36

Second half recap

The Giants started with the ball in the second half, looking to respond after Eli Manning threw an interception on the last play of the first half. They moved the ball 70 yards in just six plays, with Manning throwing for 58 yards on the drive, including a five-yard touchdown to Darius Slayton. Giants 14-10.

Miami’s drive started with two incomplete passes then, as he was flushed out of the pocket, Fitzpatrick ran for five yards, but fumbled as he was tackled. The replay seemed to show Fitzpatrick’s knee on the ground prior to the ball coming loose, but the referees deemed the call on the field would stand and New York took possession.

After two Saquon Barkley runs to start the Giants’ possession, Manning looked deep on 3rd-and-1, only to throw the ball straight at linebacker Jerome Baker, who picked it off and returned it 34 yards.

Miami’s drive would not accomplish much in yardage after an 18-yard run from Patrick Laird. Fitzpatrick picked up four yards on a scramble before two incomplete passes led to a Jason Sanders field goal. Giants 14-13.

New York started with a pass from Manning to Sterling Shepard for 10 yards, but then did nothing else, with Barkley picking up seven yards on two carries and a Manning incomplete pass to end the drive. The Giants punted.

After the ball rolled to the Miami three-yard line on the punt, the Dolphins were backed up to their two on a false start penalty. Miami ran Laird, who turned outside, on first down, but the Giants stayed home and tackle him in the endzone for the safety. Giants 16-13.

New York started their drive with a 34-yard return on the Matt Haack free-kick. Manning then started with a 15-yard pass to Shepard, followed by a 24-yard pass to Shepard, setting up New York with 1st-and-Goal from the one-yard line. After a too-many-men penalty on Miami, Barkley ran around the left end for the touchdown. Giants 23-13.

Miami started with an incomplete pass from Fitzpatrick, then Gaskin ran for no gain. After another incomplete pass, Miami punted.

Barkley picked up six yards to start the drive, then another four yards to convert the first down. Manning threw to Smith for two yards, then to Shepard for 24 yards. Manning thew to Shepard for five yards, before Barkley again started carrying the ball, once for eight yards, then once for seven yards to end the third quarter. Starting the fourth period, Barkley ran around the left side of the offense for the ten-yard touchdown. Giants 30-13.

Miami started with a pass from Fitzpatrick to Gaskin for nine yards. Gaskin then picked up 27 yards on the ground, which was followed by an incomplete pass intended for the running back. A short pass to Gesicki set up Miami with 3rd-and-5, but Fitzpatrick double-clutched as he attempted to throw the ball and was sacked. Miami punted.

Starting with the ball at their own 15-yard line and 12:45 remaining in the game, New York turned to Barkley, starting with a three-yard run, then a four-yard gain. On 3rd-and-3, Manning threw to Shepard on a crossing round, picking up seven yards. Javorious Allen then picked up five yards, then four yards, to keep the Giants’ clock running. After Elijhaa Penny lost two yards, the Giants punted.

Miami opened their possession with the ball at their own 23-yard line and 8:44 remaining. Laird took the first play 16 yards on a draw, then Parker drew a pass interference flag as DeAndre Baker ran through the receiver. Fitzpatrick looked to Albert Wilson on the next play, but the ball fell incomplete. Laird then ran for no gain, setting up 3rd-and-10. Fitzpatrick was immediately under pressure on the next snap but was nearly able to escape before being tripped up for the sack. On 4th-and-12, Miami looked deep, but the ball was incomplete as Fitzpatrick overthrew Isaiah Ford.

Allen ran for a loss of one on first down, then three yards on second down as the Giants continued to chew the clock. Manning threw to Shepard after a Miami timeout, picking up 22 yards. After Allen picked up 19 yards, it set up a 1st-and-Goal from the Miami one-yard line, with Allen then finishing the drive with the touchdown. The Giants missed the extra point. Giants 36-13

Miami moved downfield on the next drive, starting with a 20-yard pass from Fitzpatrick to Gaskin, then Gaskin picked up eight yards. Fitzpatrick continued throwing after that, hitting Isaiah Ford twice, once for seven-yard and once for eight yards. Gaskin picked up a yard before an incomplete pass, then a two-yard Gaskin win. Finally, Fitzpatrick threw to Parker for 29 yards and a touchdown. Giants 36-20.

After a pop-up kick was fair caught, the Giants started with a run from Allen, losing a yard. Allen was stopped for a two-yard loss on the next play after a Miami timeout and the Giants pulled Manning so the crowd could give him an ovation. Alex Tanney came in and threw a one-yard pass with the Giants punting after the play.

The Dolphins started at their own 26 with Laird picking up five yards. The Dolphins then killed the clock with a kneel.

Immediate reactions

The fumble from Fitzpatrick should have been given back to the Dolphins, but Manning was kind enough to give it right back.

The second half is getting frustrating. The ball is rolling the wrong way, and they are making stupid mistakes like too many men on the field and Laird bouncing outside for the safety. Just frustrating.

New York took it to Miami in the third quarter, and the Dolphins collapsed. Things just stopped working. Even when a good play would happen, Miami could not catch any momentum back.

The Dolphins are glad they do not have to play another game in MetLife Stadium. These last two games have been painful.

Good job by the Giants coaching staff to pull Eli and let him have an ovation from the Giants’ crowd.