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NFL 2019 Week 15 Picks: Straight-up winners

New York Jets v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Phinsider NFL straight-up winners picks are back this week, and we are looking to rebound from a week of mediocrity for most of the group. Of course, Kathleen Noa was immune to the 9-7/8-8 week for the other three of us making picks this season.

Kat went 10-6 on the week to lead the group. James McKinney was second at 9-7, while Justin Hier and I were both 8-8. Not exactly the preformance I wanted coming off Week 13’s 10-6 performance.

Overall, Kat is back in the league by herself at 135-72-1. James is a game back at 134-73-1, while Justin is third at 128-79-1. And, I continue to drag down our site statistics with a 123-84-1 overall record.

Maybe Week 15 will fix things for me. Here are our picks for the week (James’ picks will be added as soon as possible):

You may have noticed the format for this week’s picks changed. We are currently working with TallySight to bring a new look and feel to our weekly picks, and over the next week, all of our picks from earlier in the season will be uploaded into the system to update our new widget. You can check out more from them at to see picks from experts all around the web and other media platforms.