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Dolphins Lost on Sunday but the 10yr MetLife Takeover was a Success

Review of the 10yr anniversary of Dolfans NYC meetup and reactions to other news around the league

NFL: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Tuesday evening, 24 hours since returning home, and I’m still completely exhausted from my trip to NYC for the 10th anniversary of the Dolfans NYC MetLife Takeover. It may take me a few more days to recover (traveling becomes so exhausting once you reach your mid-30s), but I can say without a doubt it was totally worth it. I’m sure many of you saw my posts on Twitter over the weekend, but I will try to briefly share the event and then touch on other news that’s being going on over the last couple of days.

Friday Night Arrival

My close friend here in Atlanta joined me for this trip. She is not a Dolphins’ fan (more of a college fan), but she was happy to meet everyone and partake in all the Dolphins’ activities. We arrived kinda late Friday evening and stayed in East Village. I wanted to be a short cab ride away from the Dolfans NYC club for the party on Saturday and bus ride on Sunday. First off I want to say, most of the locals I met from NY were awesome to us. You see all the movies and shows about NYC, but you don’t really know how you’ll be treated when you arrive. I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly everyone was to us. Much nicer than most I meet here in Atlanta to be honest. Sorry ATL peeps. The host of our Airbnb was fantastic and recommended a local pub and restaurant nearby for that evening. The restaurant was small and perfect and then we checked out the local pub.

A couple local Dolphins’ fans noticed my outfit and came over to introduce themselves. They have been attending the MetLife Takeover since it first started. One of he fans shared an interesting fact that he was a Dolphins, Cowboys, and Giants fan. I honestly do not understand that part nor how someone could like all three of those teams, but at least he was honest about it.

A quick night out turned into a 4am morning, but hey, it’s NYC and time really does seem to fly by there. Successful first evening.

Saturday Meet and Greet at Slattery’s Pub

We made it to Slattery’s a littler earlier before the start of the party (started at 6pm), because we had to watch the LSU/UGA SEC Championship game. I definitely believe LSU may win it all this season after watching them embarrass Georgia. Living in Atlanta it made me smile watching them lose, because they haven’t always been the most polite fans towards us Auburn fans. I would not be surprised if their QB, Fromm, stays at Georgia for another year. I don’t see teams clawing their way to the top to snatch him as a first rounder. I’m curious if he would transfer to another school for his senior year. It’s definitely not uncommon.

Speaking of Quarterbacks, would you take Burrow or Tua (if cleared medically) as a quarterback for the Dolphins? I know I know, the Bengals will snatch him or another team before we pick, but just curious. Several fans mentioned their interest in him over the weekend and you can’t blame them. I personally would want Tua, but it’s a waiting and see how this year plays out game for now.

The pre-party was a success!

It wasn’t quite as packed as the year before (kind of expected with how the season is going this year), but still a great time meeting up with tons of Dolphins’ fans.

I met some new fans and ran into ones I haven’t seen in years. I can tell you too that you wouldn’t think we were fans from a 3-10 rebuilding team. I try to attend large game meetups every year and I rarely hear any negative discussion about the Dolphins. You hear some discussion on who we should get in the draft, but you would think to expect more criticism. However, everyone just wants to meet other fans and have fun for an evening. Maybe the parties help us to forget how bad our team is, but it’s refreshing to not hear fans dwelling on how we wish we were better.

MetLife Takeover Game

The Dolphins lost on Sunday, but the tailgating was a win. I’ve said it before and will again. Always try to arrive early and tailgate with fellow fans before a game, because win or lose, you can make memories that will last for years to come. I know I definitely did. It was a bit chilly in NJ (about 30ish degrees), but with the sunshine out it was bearable. My sweet throwback jacket, and the fact I actually wore jeans, helped too.

The tailgate started off slow, with setting up everything, and it took a good hour for people to locate us, but by the time the Joe Rose show started, it got packed quickly.

I’m back there behind that MetLife Takeover sign and probably saw me if you watched the broadcast that morning. The energy there was amazing and it was hard not to root for a win (even as a pro-tanker) that day. I was able to snap a picture with legend Nat Moore (super sweet guy and posed with anyone who asked) and a few other other former players.

I met several other people who follow me on Twitter and also ran into beat writers Omar Kelly and Safid Deen. Safid saw my video on Twitter and that’s how he was able to locate the tailgate. I have met Omar several times over the years. His takes are a hit or miss with many Dolphins’ fans (that’s if you’re not blocked by him already), but in person he is always a nice guy. I have zero issues with reminding him how hated he is by most fans though.

He normally gets a good laugh out of it. The first time I met him was back at the Dolphins 2013 MNF game in New Orleans and I basically said the same thing to him. I’m not a fan of half the stuff he says about the Dolphins or currently his view on our coaching staff, but everyone has right to their opinion.

The NYC Dolfans Club raised over $700 in raffle money for a signed helmet (which all goes to charity) over the weekend and presented a check for $5000 to The Miami Dolphins Foundation.

That is what makes attending and supporting these events so amazing. You make lasting memories with friends all while raising money for a good cause. Overall, it was a fantastic Sunday morning.

Do I really need to discuss how our team played that Sunday? We all saw it. Honestly this probably sums it up best on what happened.

In all seriousness though, congrats to Jason Sanders on all his field goals and being the only Dolphins’ player to score all the points for us in that game.

Both teams looked bad on Sunday and I’m not even sure how I feel about the final call that some believed was unfair. I wanted a win, because it’s hard not to want one when you’re sitting with hundreds of fans, but draft wise it was a win for us to lose.

By the way, it definitely was cold and without my glasses most the players just looked like blobs running around. It still was a blast and I sat with the best people.

Post-game reactions and other news

I tweeted out about this, but it was quite hilarious to overhear some Jets’ fans discussing their playoff chances after the game. It makes me wonder if they actually paid attention to the game on Sunday and how they barely won. The even more hilarious part was going back to Slattery’s and watching the Chiefs beat the Patriots at home. Isn’t it funny how you can bond with complete strangers over a shared mutual hated for team?

What’s not so funny though, is all the news over the past day or so about the Patriots having a camera crew filming the Bengals. Do we have another SpyGate scandal on our hands here? It seems like no big deal, but I don’t understand why their would be another incident that appears to be just like one from 2007.

That video clip brings up some good points. Is it fair to call them cheaters and liars? Is everyone doing it and only they seem to get caught? Do the Patriots actually get away with stuff like this all the time and it’s just ignored and/or accepted? The Bengals only have one win and are the worst team in the league currently, so why would anyone need to film them? I mean it was only the Bengals’ sideline for 8 minutes which happened to be the coaches making signals for big deal though. Something just doesn’t add up. Later on Tuesday evening you have this tweet by Ian Rapoport.

I guess we will see what happens over the next few days. Only thing that is obvious is that the Patriots are not as good as they have been. Brady is not having his best year and this ma could well be his last as a Patriot (thank you Lord). Of course now here comes the discussion of where Brady would go if he leaves the Patriots and decides he’s not ready to retire just yet.

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely am against it. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking of the idea of our team signing Brady for a year or two. First of all, no. Second of all, wouldn’t it be costly to us? I thought the point of the money we have for FA would be to use it to sign somewhat younger veterans. Let’s say Tua doesn’t declare for the draft. We would most likely not use our first pick on a quarterback (if Burrow is gone). Personally I’d select Chase Young if he is still available and Tua is not an option.

I’m not quite sure about all the Jordan Love hype, but he did declare for the draft based on a late tweet last night. Dolphins could select him or a QB later in the first round or second round. I’d prefer we wait one more year for 2021 when there will be several talented quarterbacks, but that’s not going to happen most likely. We do need to fill in other holes (basically every position but kicker), stay with Fitz as our QB for 2020 (if we draft Tua or someone else have the sit and learn behind Fitz) and possibly trade back to gain first round picks for 2021 and then when we can draft our franchise guy. This is all of course if the QB the Dolphins wanted is not available (which many believe is Tua but does anyone really know? No). I may have no idea what I’m talking about, but I just know I absolutely could not get behind the idea of signing a veteran guy from one of the most hated teams in the NFL and someone I’ve grown to despise over the past several years.

One last thing to mention is how about good ole Tannehill?!

I’m legit happy for the guy. I may be slightly annoyed because did Adam Gase really hold him back, but it’s something we’ll never know. Is the Tannehill we’re seeing now the one we started to see in 2016 before he went down with a knee injury? Makes you kinda wonder. By the way, this was definitely one of his best plays so far.

I’m honestly very happy for him and wish him nothing but the best. Hopefully he keeps it up.

Next Week

The Dolphins head back to NJ to take on the Giants. The Giants may very well have a better chance at winning on Sunday now with potentially having Parker and Wilson out. We should know more later this week on their status. The Giants have Eli Manning back as their starter and he had a decent return game on Monday against the Eagles. It’s going to be interesting to see how Sunday plays out, but I’m hoping for a loss. It won’t be good for our draft spot if we end up winning out the last games.

Based on that, I’m rooting for us to lose all remaining games (Giants, Bengals, and Patriots) and secure a hopeful third round pick. Honestly at this point it really only hurts us to win. The only scenario I would be alright with is if we beat the Patriots and prevent them from some kind of post-season advantage. It could happen.

If you’re heading to the game this Sunday I suggest meeting up in L4 with the Dolfans NYC group. They’re having a smaller scale tailgate for Dolphins’ fans. More information can be found at

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and let’s hope the Dolphins can play well enough to impress us, but still find a way to lose on Sunday.