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Eagles at Dolphins: Predicting the final score in Week 13

Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles are getting close to kickoff, which means it is time for some predictions. While you already have seen our The Phinsider Week 13 Straight-Up Winners Picks, I went a little more indepth with my prediction during my conversation this week with Bleeding Green Nation, SB Nation’s Eagles site, manager Brandon Lee Gowton.

My prediction of the game sees Miami falling to 2-10 on the year:

Eagles should win, just because the loss by the Dallas Cowboys should give them the motivation to get to a tie in the NFC East. I think the Dolphins will keep this closer than some people expect, I will go with a ten-point Eagles lead, right on where the spread is right now. I will go with 31-21 final, with the Eagles winning.

Gowton sees a similar result, though not quite as high a final score.

I think the Eagles are going to win this game. They should be motivated to bounce back after two straight losses. The Cowboys losing on Thanksgiving serves as a reminder that the NFC East is still very much for the taking if the Eagles can go on a run down the stretch. And for all the Eagles’ faults, I don’t think they’re an awful team. I think they’re closer to being an average team, which is still significantly better than what the Dolphins are right now. Miami hasn’t looked so competitive over the past two weeks.

With that said, I don’t think it’s a no-brainer that the Eagles cover the spread. Fitzpatrick torched the Eagles’ secondary last year and I worry he could have some success again this season. I also won’t believe the Eagles’ offense can play super well until I see it; they really haven’t had a good game since Week 8.

Eagles win, 27 to 20.

What do you think will happen this afternoon?

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