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Dolphins First Win of 2019 Season

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Recap of fan club weekend and other related news

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

I’m back home and still settling in from my trip to Miami. This past weekend was also the Fan Club annual trip, so needless to say, I may have had a bit too much fun and forgive me if I sound a bit exhausted in this week’s article. However, I’m back and ready to share with you all how the weekend went, reactions to the Dolphins’ winning, discuss if the Dolphins just messed up their chance for that number one draft pick, injuries, and what’s to come for our team.

The Dolphins had their first win of the 2019 season against the Jets and, as you all witnessed, was quite an embarrassing game for Gase. His first game back in Hard Rock since being fired and it couldn’t have gone better. Tanking or 2020 Draft hopes aside, how great was it to watch us beat the Adam Gase lead Jets? So good. What’s even better is how much hate he is getting now after losing to our 0-7 Dolphins (now 1-7). Let’s be honest, we lost a lot of good players because of Adam Gase being our head coach. He absolutely deserves all the criticism he is receiving. I for one am enjoying it. Let’s just look at a couple tweets I saw on my feed.

If you do a search on Adam Gase it’s quite hilarious the amount of fans asking for him to be gone. I’m actually shocked he is still the head coach as of today and it won’t surprise me if he is gone by the end of the week. Should be interesting, but at least we can all be glad he is not our problem anymore.

Fan Club Weekend

Before I discuss the game I wanted to share a little bit about the weekend overall. This past weekend was the annual Away Fan Club trip. This has been an annual event for the past several years. Typically the Dolphins pick a home game and offer discounted game tickets and a weekend of events for away fan clubs. The past couple of years the Dolphins haven’t been as involved with activities, but it’s still a complete blast. There are fans from all over the world who join us for this weekend. Here is a picture with one fan, Nigel, who came over from the UK with his group of about 20-25 people.

They joined us last year and this year doubled their group who attended. This picture was from the Dolphins’ Fantennial event that they hosted on Saturday at Hard Rock stadium. I was able to reconnect with several fans who I haven’t seen in several months and meet new ones that I know only through Twitter/Facebook. One main reason I checked out the event on Saturday was because I asked the Dolphins if I was able to see the picture they have of me on display in the stadium. They responded to me that morning and I couldn’t have been more grateful.

I still am so shocked and honored that they have this picture of me posted up. Definitely a memory I will never forget (kinda like witnessing the Miami Miracle).

Later that evening a couple hundred of us fans met up at Bokampers in Ft. Lauderdale, including former Dolphins’ OT Richmond Webb.

Legit super cool guy and it was great to finally meet him.

Overall Friday and Saturday was fun and even though our team is in a rebuilding year, you almost wouldn’t have known it by the amount of dedicated fans who showed up to support our team. Our fan base may be completely split on who the Dolphins should get for their future quarterback or even what they should do with the overall number one pick, but you can’t deny that we all just want to see our team become a winning team again.

Sunday’s Game

Sunday started off as a cloudy day, which if you attend home games, that’s not a bad thing. The south Florida heat is brutal and any break from the sun is welcomed (especially if you’re tailgating for four hours before the game). I checked out my usual tailgating spots, met up with a fellow Phinsider (Matthew Cannata) and a twitter follower, and caught up with friends I’ve met throughout the years traveling to games.

Oh and real quick, I learned the Dolphins’ used a picture of me in the playbook. Another geek out moment, but I mean who wouldn’t, right?

Please excuse the super closeup. I was a bit excited. Now, about that win over the Jets.

The Dolphins had a great game on Sunday. I didn’t think they would pull of the win, to be honest. The Jets are bad, but they did beat the Cowboys (who aren’t even nearly as bad) and I assumed Gase would find a way to win (his job probably depended on it).

Here’s my positive takeways from the game:

-Fitzpatrick is fun to watch and will make a great mentor QB for whoever we draft. I didn’t know what to think when I heard we first signed the veteran Fitzpatrick, but I’m glad he is with us. He seems like the type of guy that will find the positive side of a bad situation and overall has a very likable personality and just seems like a good dude.

Oh and he also had quite a good game.

-DeVante Parker may be convincing us he is worth being a part of the future of this team. Here’s some numbers from Travis Wingfield on his performance the last few games.

Are we seeing a guy who can stay healthy for an entire season and show improvement each week? Again I ask, was he a disappointment in the past because of just bad coaching and being constantly injured? All I know is he is starting to make some of us wonder where this Parker has been all along.

-Mike Gesicki is proving Adam Gase had no idea how to use him correctly and is just a bad coach. I can’t wait to see this guy develop even more over the next couple of seasons.

-Preston Williams was on the way to prove he could be a top WR.

However, as you all know by now, he had his last game for the 2019 season.

As far as I could find, there is no word on how injured his ACL is and if it will require surgery, but he is definitely done for this season. Nobody wants to hear of player being out with a season ending injury, so I’m hoping for the best and full recovery, so he can return next season. He has a bright future ahead of him.

-The stadium, for once, appeared to have more Dolphins’ fans then Jets’ fans. Before the game, I received a message from a second market ticketing site that game tickets were at an all time low for Sunday’s game ($34). Yes, we are not a good team, but it seemed fans still found a way to come out and represent. I could be wrong, and maybe just didn’t notice from my seats, but it definitely was surprising to see the amount of fans who attended (of course I’m comparing to other games this season considering our record).

-Apparently I made it on television several times. Here’s one shot (kinda loving my arms here tbh).

Then you have this one and my expression kind of sums of this season.

-The last takeway is that Coach Flores received his first win as our head coach. I know some fans aren’t happy because it could mess up 2020 draft for us, but I’m glad our team won. They played hard on Sunday and deserved that win.

Week Ahead

As you all know, Monday was a busy day with news about our team. We lost WR Preston Williams and are now without RB Mark Walton because of a four game suspension.

The Dolphins signed two guys today.

I’m not sure who the two new guys are but that’s not uncommon for us this season but here is a tweet by Barry Jackson discussing Sherels.

We seem to have rookie/newbies every week. Just something to expect this season.

The Dolphins will be playing the Colts next Sunday in Indianapolis. They have a solid team and I don’t expect us to win this game especially after the news of losing Williams and Walton being out. For the sake of the 2020 draft, I’m okay if we don’t win another game from here on out. We went from number two to number four as far as picking in the 2020 draft. However, we can still get that number one spot. The Jets will be playing the Bengals and we still play them both. Honestly, the worst part would be if we lose every game and then somehow find a way to beat the Patriots at the end of the year. It would be so Dolphins for that to happen. I say that because if the Patriots secure their post-season playoff spot then they could sit Brady and several starters. That being said, they did finally lose a game, because they actually played a decent team.

Okay. Now stay with me here. How great would it be if the Patriots lose a couple more games (they play Eagles, Cowboys, Texans, then Chiefs) and lose their second match-up with the Bills and find a way to miss the playoffs (or at least only get a wildcard away game)? If the Bills can actually keep winning. I would be okay with seeing the Bills winning the AFC east over the Patriots. It could happen. Unlikely but it could.

Games to Watch

Fans you should all tune into the upcoming game this Saturday between number two Alabama and number one LSU. It will probably be one of the best games, college wise, of this season and it involves two potential future Dolphins’ quarterbacks (Tua and Burrow). The game is 3:30pm EST. Next Sunday the Jets play the Giants and we should hope the Jets can pull of a win. The Bengals play the Ravens (gonna be a blowout) and the Rams play the Steelers (go Rams).

Hope you all enjoy your week and see you back here next week.