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Chargers, NFL considering permanent London move; Could trigger AFC divisional realignment

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Green Bay Packers v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

The San Diego Chargers moving to become the Los Angeles Chargers was supposed to be a move that would keep the team in Southern California as well as allow them to provide a second-team to the Los Angeles market for the league. Except, the Chargers are not finding the fan support they had hoped to gain, and the league appears to be looking for ways to solve that issue.

The league wants a team in London. The Chargers are struggling to stay relevant in California. According to Vincent Bonsignore of The Athletic, both of those issues could be solved. Bonsignore writes, “the possibility of the Chargers moving to London has been broached among league personnel.” He adds. “while the team is fully committed to Los Angeles where it will move into the new $4.5 billion stadium with the Rams next year, the Chargers would at least listen if the NFL approached them about about London as a possible option.”

The plan, which likely would require the Chargers to stay in Los Angeles and share the Los Angeles Rams’ new Inglewood stadium for at least a few years, could land the Chargers in Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, one of two sites the league currently uses for London games each season.

Interesting for Miami Dolphins fans, the move of the Chargers from California to the United Kingdom would likely require a divisional realignment within the AFC. The Chargers are currently in the AFC West, and there would be feasible way to keep them in that position. According to The Athletic’s Jeff Duncan, the realignment could see the Chargers move to the AFC East, the Dolphins move to the AFC South, and the Houston Texans slide into the AFC West.

There is no timetable on this kind of move, but it does seem like the league’s desire to land a London franchise just took a big step forward. It could also mean the Dolphins will become division rivals with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans, while re-igniting a division rivalry with the Indianapolis Colts, who left the AFC East after the 2001 season.