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Jets at Dolphins recap: Miami stock watch from 26-18 win

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New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins put together a full 60-minute game on Sunday and beat down the New York Jets. Miami, entering the game winless and having the commentators openly say the team is calling plays to lose, moved to 1-7 on the year with the 26-18 win, moved into third place in the AFC East, with the Jets swapping spots in the division.

It is not a sexy statement, and this season is still going to be a rough one, but on Sunday, they looked good, they played well, and they won. There were a lot of players who saw their stock rise during the game. We have a few stock downs included, but they are not really from any player’s individual performance.

Stock up: Preston Williams, wide receiver - The Dolphins continue to get ridiculous performances from their undrafted free agent rookie receiver. This week, he had five receptions on nine targets, picking up 72 yards with two touchdowns. The Dolphins found a gem in Williams, and he is only going to get better as he gets more experience...

Stock down: Preston Williams, wide receiver - ...except he will not be getting more experience this year. Williams’ 2019 season is over with an apparent ACL injury. The Dolphins will be placing him on injured reserve. On a great day when a whole lot went right for Miami, this is clearly atop the stock down ratings.

Stock up: Mike Gesicki, tight end - Gesicki looked like the tight end the Dolphins imagined him becoming when they selected him in 2018. Even better was he had a career day against the coach who selected him. Gesicki was targeted six times, catching all of them for a game-high 95 yards. He was the big bodied target down the seam Miami needs, and if he keeps this up, the will be a huge part of the Miami offense after the rebuild.

Stock down: Tanking - The Dolphins are not tanking, no matter what you hear. Tanking is purposely trying to lose, and they are not doing that. They may have a torn down roster and they will lose a lot, but this coaching staff and the players - an integral part of trying to lose on purpose - are trying to win. They are out there giving it there all every single week. They are improving every single week. And, they put it together this week to get the win. They are not going to make a run to the playoffs or anything, but at least they also will not be 0-16 and it should end any talk that the Dolphins are calling plays or putting players in a position to lose.

Stock up: Christian Wilkins, defensive tackle - The Dolphins’ rookie is quietly having a great year. It is hard to make noise as a defensive tackle/interior lineman, so people may not realize he is doing well as a rookie. On Sunday, he had five tackles, one sack, two tackles for a loss, and two quarterback hits. On the season:

Stock down: Adam Gase, Jets head coach - The calls for the former head coach of the Dolphins to get fired just nine weeks into his tenure as the Jets head coach are reaching deafening levels at this point.

Stock up: Brian Flores, Dolphins head coach - You get your first career win as a head coach, your stock goes up. You do it with the team people have been calling the “worst team ever” and it really goes up. Flores has gotten the players to buy into a rough season, they are playing hard, and they are developing. You cannot ask for more from a coach in a rebuild.

Stock up: DeVante Parker, wide receiver - Before free agency back in March, it was assumed the Dolphins would allow Parker to leave in free agency. Instead, they re-signed him and now it appears he could head - along with Williams - the team’s wide receiving group throughout the rebuild. He caught four passes for 57 yards with a touchdown on Sunday and he will likely see even more targets now that Williams is out. Parker is finally looking like the receiver Miami wanted when he was drafted. If he can stay healthy in the second half of the season, Parker could continue to be a part of the future of the club.

Stock up: Jerome Baker and Raekwon McMillan, linebackers - Remember when people wanted McMillan to disappear and were ready to call him a bust? The third-year linebacker is breaking out and playing some really good football. While Baker continues to wear the signal calling helmet, with the headset in it to receive the calls from the coaching staff, if you were watching McMillan, he was correcting the alignment and moving everyone, including Baker, into the right spots on Sunday. McMillan recorded eight tackles with one quarterback hit on Sunday, while Barker had seven with a pass defensed. Both linebackers are impressing.

Stock up: Nik Needham and Jomal Wiltz, cornerbacks - Both cornerbacks are playing more than they should, especially now that Xavien Howard is out, and at times it has been rough. On Sunday, however, they both had highlight moments that should be recognized. Needham screamed in on a sack, the first of his career, hitting Sam Darnold from his blindside, while Wiltz came away with an interception, the first of his career, at the goal line to prevent a Jets touchdown.

Stock up: Air T.D., Dolphins inflatable mascot - Just because of this: