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Jets at Dolphins final score, recap, and immediate reactions

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NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins came out in the second half of their Week 9 contest against the New York Jets and continued to take it to the Jets as they did in the first half. Miami came away with their first win of the year, and beat former head coach Adam Gase.

Final Score

Jets 18 - Dolphins 26


Miami started the second half with the ball. After a run for no gain from Mark Walton, Ryan Fitzpatrick went back to one of his two favorite targets from the first half, targeting Mike Gesicki for a 16-yard gain. Walton then picked up 14 yards before an illegal use of hands penalty on the Jets gave Miami five free ayrds. Fitzpatrick then found DeVante Parker for 14 yards, before two incomplete passes to his other favorite target Preston Williams. On the second incompletion, a deep attempt down the sideline, Williams was injured and had to be taken back to the locker room. Fitzpatrick was then sacked for a five-yard loss, and Jason Sanders then missed the 49-yard field goal attempt.

The Jets, starting with the ball at their own 39-yard line, picked up 12 yards with a pass from Sam Darnold to Le’Veon Bell. Robby Anderson caught a pass just above the turf on the next play, adding 11 yards for the Jets. Darnold went back to Bell on the next play, picking up four yards, then Bell ran for two yards. He carried again for four yards, followed by two yards. After a four-yard pass from Darnold to Demaryius Thomas, Bell ran for no gain on 3rd-and-4, setting up a 40-yard field goal from Sam Ficken. Dolphins 21-15.

The Dolphins came out firing on the next possession, targeting the zone coverage of the Jets, starting with an 18-yard pass from Fitzpatrick to Jakeem Grant. Williams returned to the field after having his wrist checked in the locker room, with Miami running on the next play, but Walton lost two yards. Fitzpatrick threw a short pass to Albert Wilson on 2nd down, picking up three yards. Fitzpatrick then picked up 13 yards with another pass to Gesicki. Fitzpatrick then threw a 12-yard pass to Williams. After an incomplete pass targeting Wilson and a no-gain run from Walton, Fitzpatrik threw a jump ball as he was under pressure, with Grant attempting to come back for the ball only to be tackled and pass interference called on the Jets. Fitzpatrick then scrambled for four yards on 1st-and-Goal from the seven. An incomplete pass targeted Williams on a slant on 2nd down, then Miami was forced to call a timeout when they were not able to get an audible completed before the play call ran down to one second. The Dolphins attempted to run but Kalen Ballage ran into his own lineman and fell down for a five-yard loss. They settled for the 26-yard field goal from Jason Sanders. Dolphins 24-15.

The Jets started at their own 25-yard line, with Darnold throwing the ball straight into traffice, and linebacker Vince Biegel’s face. After Miami was unable to come away with a pick, Bell was able to pick up six yards. Darnold then threw an incomplete pass looking deep toward Anderson and the Jets punted.

After a penalty for interference on the kick return, Miami set up at their own 39 with a screen pass to Grant picking up eight-yards. After the change of ends of the field with the clock moving to the fourth quarter, the Dolphins picked up seven yards and a first down with a short pass to Grant. Ballage ran for two yards on first down, then Fitzpatrick found Parker for a 28-yard catch and run, only to have offensive pass interference wipe out the play. After a Dolphins challenge on the penalty was upheld, Miami faced a 2nd-and-18, then saw a holding penalty move them back again, to a 2nd-and-28. Fitzpatrick threw to Walton in the flat, picking up three yards. On 3rd-and-25, Miami ran the ball with Ballage, picking up four yards, and leading to a punt.

The Jets started the drive with a five-yard loss as Christian Wilkins blew up the play, tackling Bell in the backfield. On 2nd-and-15, Nik Needham blitzed from his cornerback position and the entire Jets team missed him, leading to a blindside sack of Darnold. After Bell picked up 14 yards on 3rd-and-22, the Jets punted.

The Dolphins started with the ball at their own 45-yard line, with Walton picking up three yards. Then Fitzpatrick threw to Parker for an 11-yard gain. Walton then lost one yard, with Fitzpatrick throwing to him on the next play for three yards. After an incomplete pass on 3rd-and-8, Matt Haack punted another perfect directional punt to pin the Jets at the seven-yard line.

The Jets snapped the ball early on the first play of the drive and the shotgun snap went through the back of the endzone for a safety. Dolphins 24-17.

Miami started with the ball at their own 47, with Fitzpatrick sacked on the first play. On 2nd-and-14, Fitzpatrick found Parker for 15 yards. Ballage then picked up seven yards before losing three. On 3rd-and-7, Fitzpatrick was sacked again and Miami punted.

Starting at their own eight yard line this time, the Jets saw Darnold sacked again, this time going down at the two-yard line. Darnold then threw to Griffin for 11 yards. After the 2-minute warning, Darnold connected with Bell for four yards. Then Bell ran for eight yards, before another pass from Darnold to Bell picked up seven yards. Darnold next looked to Griffin for nine yards. After an incomplete pass, a pass to Griffin picked up 14 yards. Darnold then threw a pass to Bell who went out of bounds with a nine-yard gain. Darnold then threw deep to Vincent Smith for 20 yards. On 1st-and-10 from the Miami 26, the Dolphins were called for a hold and the Jets moved up 10 yards to the 16. After three incomplete passes, the Jets kicked the field goal. Dolphins 26-18.

The Dolphins recovered the onside kick and killed the last 14 seconds.

Immediate Reaction

The Dolphins flat out took it to the Jets today. Part of that is probably the Jets looking like a team completely falling apart, but part of that was Miami executing for once. It was not all perfect, but this team looked like they were all playing together today.

Preston Williams’ knee injury is a major concern. Hopefully it is minor and they held him out for precautionary reasons.

Mike Gesicki looks like he is breaking out right now. He is going to be a great weapon for the Dolphins.

Dolphins fans should be excited tonight. But we will hear all over Twitter how the team cannot even tank correctly and that a win is bad for them. That is just ridiculous. A win is always good. A win over the Jets is always really good. And a win over the Jets with Adam Gase is amazing! Get the win. Worry about the picks in January.