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Fan confidence holding steady for Dolphins despite two-straight losses

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Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins have struggled the past two weeks, losing to the Buffalo Bills 37-20 in Week 11 and to the Cleveland Browns 41-24 in Week 12. Now, heading into Week 13, the Dolphins return to South Florida to host the Philadelphia Eagles. This season, with the Dolphins holding on to 2-9 record after 11 games, is really about the 2020 season, with Miami looking to score an early selection with the first of their three first-round draft picks. How are the fans feeling coming off two-straight losses?

After the Dolphins won their first game of the year back in Week 9, the Dolphins fan base surged in their confidence in the direction of the team. Miami had slowly crawled up to 54 percent of the fans in our weekly FanPulse survey saying their believed in the Dolphins’ direction. After the win, that jumped up to 71 percent, then fell slightly to 68 percent after the team’s second win in Week 10.

Since then, it basically has remained steady. After the loss to the Bills, it fell from 68 percent to 67 percent, then remained there after last week’s loss. Miami has two-thirds of their fans believing in what they are doing, even as the team loses. That keeps Miami as the franchise with the tenth-highest confidence fanbase in the league. They trail teams like the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, both of whom have 100 percent ratings heading into this week, the New England Patriots (91 percent), the New Orleans Saints (90 percent), the Seattle Seahawks (86 percent), the Bills (84 percent), the Kansas City Chiefs (75 percent), and the Arizona Cardinals (71 percent).

Miami is just ahead of the surging Tennessee Titans, who are up to 66 percent this week after being at just 18 percent a week ago. The Titans are riding the hot hand of former Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill and are positioning themselves to challenge for the AFC South division title.

Also trailing just behind Miami are the Oakland Raiders, down to 65 percent from 91 percent last week, the Browns (61 percent), the Indianapolis Colts (52 percent), and the Pittsburgh Steelers (46 percent).

The bottom of the league has the Jacksonville Jaguars who are down to a zero-percent fan confidence rating, with the Washington Redskins in 31st with two percent, the Atlanta Falcons at four percent (down from 40 percent just a week ago), the Detroit Lions 29th at seven percent, and the Carolina Panthers at 28 with an eight percent rating.

How will fans react to Sunday’s Philadelphia Eagles at Miami Dolphins game? Make sure you join our FanPulse survey to let us know your thoughts. It is a weekly email survey sent on Mondays with 2-3 questions that takes about 2 minutes to complete.