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Dolphins’ Loss is Our Gain in 2020

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NFL: Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Another victory Monday, if you’re one of those fans hoping for a top draft pick in 2020. I expected our team to lose on Sunday, but I also was hoping for a better game. However, with that being said, our team is depleted so am I being too hopeful? Possibly. There wasn’t much positive takeaways from the Dolphins’ game on Sunday, but here are the main two I think are worth mentioning.

  • DeVante Parker is still playing well and should definitely have his contract extended. He certainly has shown he is here for the future.
  • Mike Gesicki has his first career touchdown on Sunday.

Congratulations Gesicki! I’m sorry it’s during a season that doesn’t mean much, but it’s still great to see you out there each week improving. Cannata tweeted this out yesterday.

I definitely agree with him. We were unsure about him last season (which I believe was because of Gase’s coaching) but he is improving each week it seems. I’m looking forward to watching him next season and beyond when we find our franchise quarterback.

Draft Position and Upcoming Week

As far as the game went, that’s about all I have to say about it. We looked pretty bad. I actually think we have a better chance now of losing out. If you paid attention to other games yesterday, you would have seen the Bengals and Redskins were actually leading their games. Of course, the Bengals didn’t hold on to that lead, but Washington did end up winning. Their win allowed us to move up into the third spot on behind the Giants and Bengals. We still play both of those teams in December. I can see us losing to the Giants and quite possibly losing to the Bengals, but their coaches seem to purposely be tanking and even if they pull off a win, we may only be their possible victory. I could be okay with the second overall pick.

Let’s look at upcoming games to follow this week.

  • Bengals play the Jets on Sunday
  • Browns play the Steelers on Sunday
  • Patriots play Texans (I’m torn here because we have Texans draft pick but I want them to win anyways)
  • Eagles at Dolphins

It may be hard for the Bengals to pull off an upset, but I’m still going to keep my fingers crossed. The Browns should be able to beat the Steelers easily. The Patriots seem to be the luckiest team this season. Their talent does not reflect their record, in my opinion. Luckily there are much better teams this season and I have a hard time seeing them making it all the way to the Super Bowl in Miami. As far as our game is concerned, I would be shocked to see us win. We’re losing players each week and it’s going to be hard to find ways to win especially with the way our offense has been playing. I honestly do not see any positive reasons as to why we should win anymore games. I had this discussion with a few fans on Sunday. They said we should win more but could not give me any reasons why it would help us. At this point, it only will cost us more in the draft if we win more games.

It’s Thanksgiving week and I hope you all enjoy time with friends/family/loved ones. If you’re hanging solo, like myself, enjoy that time as well. Last but not least, let’s be thankful for the fact that we our team planned to be terrible this season and at least we’re not the Bengals, Jets or Redskins.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to you all and see you back here next Monday! Road to 2-14 here we goooooo.....

Fins Up!