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Caption This!

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Breaking News: Dolphins TE Mike Gesicki can stand on his head

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

“Caption This!” is a game where we try to be funny. Give the funniest caption. That’s it. If you like someone else’s caption, be so kind as to give them a REC. (If you don’t know how to REC something, please ask!) Most REC’s win.”

Please remember site rules. Innuendo = good; profanity = bad.)”

-Quote Aaron Sutton, Never More

This week’s “Caption This” contest, comes on the brink of a Dolphins 37-20 loss to the Buffalo Bills. Actually, this loss had more to do with Miami’s inability to stop Josh Allen and his daddy long legs than anything else. Nevertheless, it was an ugly loss, after things looked so promising a month ago.

For some, this loss was heartbreaking because it shattered the Dolphins two-game winning streak. To others, it was expected because one you start rooting for wins, Miami is sure to disappoint. But things can always be worse.

Just ask Mike Gesicki, who appears to be doing a headstand or break dancing, in this week’s caption this photo.

The good news is he survived the aftermath of this photo. The bad news is, once again he was left tumbling through the air like a gymnast, with nothing to catch his fall other than his head.

Thankfully for you, I’m unable to participate in this contest because I would surely win after manipulating the photo with photoshop.

Share with us your thoughts on this picture. You can post your caption in the comments at the bottom of the article. If you like someone else’s caption, hit them up with a “rec” using the link in the comment.

Can you come up with the best caption of the week?