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Dolphins release RB Mark Walton

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Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

As we’ve seen with the new regime, the Dolphins believe in second chances and have given players every opportunity to succeed in a change of scenery. One of those players was Mark Walton, who after Drake was traded, appeared destined to be Miami’s starting running back moving forward.

And then came his 4-game suspension, which was due to an offseason that involved a taser, marijuana possession, and several arrests. But he was still on the roster and the Dolphins had every intention of bringing him back, after he served his time. Assuming, of course, he was able to stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to fulfill the latter.

According to the Miami Dolphins, the team has released Mark Walton, after an early morning incident with law enforcement.

Walton, 22 , showed a lot of promise in his short stint with Miami. In 2019, Walton carried the ball 53 times for 201 yards. And for a Dolphins team that has struggled to run the football, his 3.8 yards per carry was a breath of fresh air.

Sure, there’s still time for Walton to turn his life around. After all, we’ve all made mistakes at a young age. Unfortunately, he won’t have that opportunity to do so in Miami. Hopefully, Walton can turn his life and career around. Because as we saw briefly, he has the potential to be a starting running back in the league.

We will update this article throughout the day when more information is released.


Andy Slater of Fox Sports 640 is reporting:

This article was written by Josh Houtz (@houtz)