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Colin Kaepernick workout: Flores says Dolphins will attend

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The Dolphins will have someone in attendance at Colin Kaepernick’s private workout on Sunday

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday evening, word broke that former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick would be holding a private workout on Saturday for the 32 NFL teams to attend. And although there was still a lot of kinks to be worked out, it seemed like this was the first step in Kaepernick getting another chance to play in the NFL.

Today, during his Wednesday morning press conference, Dolphins head coach Brian Flores said that the team would be attending Kaepernick’s private workout this weekend.

The Dolphins have to be happy with their current QB situation. After all, Ryan Fitzpatrick is playing some of his best football and the team invested a second-round draft pick in 22-year old Josh Rosen. There’s also a very, very good chance the team drafts a QB on the first day of the 2020 NFL draft.

Nevertheless, Miami will be doing their due diligence on the once dynamic quarterback.

Would you welcome Colin Kaepernick to the Miami Dolphins? Let us know in the comments section below!