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1972 Dolphins remain only undefeated team in NFL History

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President Obama Hosts The 1972 Superbowl Champion Miami Dolphins Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

For those that don’t know, 47 years ago the Miami Dolphins became the only undefeated team in NFL history. And whether you were old enough to witness this prestigious moment in history, or continue to read about it year after year, it’s one of the few things the Dolphins still have that NO other team has yet to accomplish.

And as the NFL season progresses, the list of undefeated teams continue to get smaller and smaller. Until eventually, there is only one remaining. That was the case heading into Monday Night’s NFC West slug-fest between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers.

After all, the 49ers were the only undefeated team that remained after Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens, defeated the New England Patriots on Sunday Night football. Could the Seahawks pull of what many believed would be an upset and in doing so, allow the ‘72 Dolphins to once again pop the bubbly?


In what turned out to be one of the best football games of the year, the Seahawks defeated the 49ers 27-24 in overtime. And although I can not confirm whether or not Don Shula and the rest of the ‘72 Dolphins stayed awake to witness history, they are once again able to call themselves the ONLY undefeated team in NFL history.

With all of the parity in today’s NFL, there may never be another undefeated team in the history of the league. And although I was unable to witness this historic event, it is one of the few things my favorite football team will never be able to have stripped from them.

The 1972 Miami Dolphins are the ONE and ONLY undefeated team in NFL History.

Congratulations, Boys!