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Victory Monday: Yet so many fans feel conflicted

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Can the Dolphins keep winning?

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday Dolphins’ fans! How’s everyone feeling today? Any other season and I would be smiling from ear to ear after a win like we had on Sunday. It’s victory Monday and my mood would normally be more like Flores here.

Typically Flo’s reaction is how I am after every win. Instead, this season has got me like this GIF I posted.

Honestly, I did not realize how much wanting a top draft pick would upset me. I’m clearly not alone with these feelings, because if you went on to Twitter yesterday, or today, you would see it’s not a happy place at the moment.

I thought our fans were conflicted over the last couple of years about Tannehill, but nothing compares to how divided our fans are this season. It’s honestly quite sad to see so many people being ridiculously mean to each other with the name-calling and, “You’re not a fan because you want to lose.” or “You don’t care about the future of our team because you want meaningless wins.” comments. I will admit I was frustrated we won because I want the ultimate number one draft spot, but I also understand why some fans, and our coaches/players, are also happy as well.

I stepped away from social media for a bit today to process everything that is going on. There was enough negativity in the past 24hrs to last for a season, so I’m just going to highlight the positives from yesterday’s game and touch on some reactions and where we go from here.

Takeaways from the Win over the Colts

Just a few weeks ago some in the national media were calling for an investigation into the “Tanking Dolphins” because it was an unsafe environment for players. We were really that terrible. Well, that narrative has come and gone because our Miami Dolphins are on a winning streak and it doesn’t look like they are ready to wave a white flag anytime soon.

The Dolphins found a way to beat the Colts, at their home, and come away with a win. This wasn’t just a win, where our team struggled all game and we won by a field goal. Our Flores lead Dolphins outplayed and outcoached the Colts.

If you are wanting that top draft pick, this win makes that a bit more difficult and frustrating, but we can agree that we have a bright future ahead of us (top pick or not) with Coach Flores leading this team. Our stripped down team, with so many players who I can’t even name because most are no names just signed to fill a spot, is working together and fighting and finding a way to win games and we owe it to our new coaching staff. Speaking of coaching staff it makes you wonder just how bad Adam Gase really was for our team the past three years because did y’all see Tannehill on Sunday? Anyways, he’s the Jets’ problem now.

It’s not just our players who are recognizing the incredible work that Flores is doing with such a stripped down roster.

Let’s not overlook how disciplined this team is under Coach Flores. Remember when we used to be the most penalized team during seasons under other coaches like Gase or Philbin?

I’m slightly worried about what will happen with the draft and quarterback wise, but I can almost no longer be mad at what our Dolphins are accomplishing. I’m starting to agree with what Chris Kouffman tweeted.

Which players impressed you in yesterday’s performance? Here are ones that stuck out to me.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick. a 15 year veteran, appears to be on track to prove he still has a lot left in him.

It really is hard not to like this guy. I may post about wanting to tank, but I am so happy we have him and looking forward how he will impact our next young quarterback.

  • Christian Wilkins had a great game. The energy and passion with him is just contagious. I can’t wait to see how much better he becomes over the next few seasons.

Here was Wilkins’ thoughts post-game, quote taken from Dolphins’ ESPN writer Cameron Wolfe article.

  • Vince Biegel, the LB the Dolphins acquired with their trade with the Saints for Kiko. He’s a great unxpected find (kind of like Preston Williams) and I don’t see how the Dolphins go into 2020 without him.
  • Eric Rowe made some great plays for us. He’s a CB that has been playing as a safety the last couple of games. Should be interesting to watch him the rest of the season. Another guy, and probably cheap option, I can see with our team in the 2020 season.
  • A few other players I’m happy we have and will be with us in 2020 and beyond are DeVante Parker, Bobby McCain, Godchaux, and Gesicki.

Post-Game Reactions

Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for our coaching staff and players because they have beaten so many odds and have worked so hard for these last couple of wins. I absolutely am happy for them. I’m just nervous about what these wins will ultimately mean as far as our draft spot and what the Dolphins will be do with our quarterback situation. Will we continue to win and miss out on top quarterbacks like Tua or Burrow? I’m so conflicted. Just a weird situation to be in as a fan because many of us didn’t expect to be winning games with all the players we traded away. That being said, I have hope for our future. If Coach Flores can make this team successful just imagine how we will be next year and even by 2021. I can see our team being playoff ready by 2021 for sure.

The other positives from Sunday was the fact that the Jets’ won and the Falcons won, and because of those wins, we are still positioned at number four draft wise. There’s still a lot of football left and still so much can change. I’m going to stay positive and just hope that the Bengals can still find a way to lose a game or two, the Jets keep up this winning streak, and the Redskins decide they definitely do not want another quarterback. After all, I’m still don’t think Tua or Burrow are out of our reach, but I will prepare myself if that does indeed happen.

Let me end with a few personal thoughts. We may not all agree on who we want as our next quarterback. You may want us to win as many games as possible this season. You may be alright with us not wining any more games because you really are set on a top quarterback. You have every right to feel that way. Everyone does actually, so can we try to be somewhat civil towards each other? It’s healthy to have different views and to discuss those views, but let’s try to chill out on the name calling, stating who is a fan or not, and cussing other fans out. If someone really annoys you, just unfollow or block them. It’s what I do to avoid all that stuff filling my feed because it eventually can bring you down.

Enjoy the rest of your victory Monday fans! Our Dolphins take on the Bills next Sunday at home. It’s a 1pm game. I will be watching with my local fan club and unsure of what the outcome will be, but I just am going to hope for the best (because in all honesty nobody seems to know what Grier has planned). I love this team and I’m excited about the direction this franchise seems to be heading in. I think we can all agree on that, right?