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Dolphins at Colts halftime report, recap, score update

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Miami Dolphins v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts are mid-way through their Week 10 contest, with the Dolphins taking it to the Colts throughout the first 30 minutes.

Halftime Score

Dolphins 10 - Colts 0

First Half Recap

The Dolphins started the game with the ball and picked up three yards on a Kalen Ballage run, then backed it up with a two-yard rush from Ballage. Ryan Fitzpatrick then looked toward DeVante Parker for a 10-yard gain, setting up a 1st-and-10 from the Miami 40. Fitzpatrick then connected with tight end Mike Gesicki for a nine-yard gain, but the tight end fumbled and the Colts recovered.

The Colts started with a Marlon Mack run for no gain at the Dolphins 49. Brian Hoyer, starting in pace of injured quarterback Jacoby Brissett, then threw an incomplete pass targeting Eric Ebron. Hoyer then found Zach Pascal for a 23-yard gain. A five-yard gain from Mack was followed by a 12-yard pass from Hoyer to Nyhein Hines. Now 1st-and-Goal from the nine, Hoyer was incomplete targeting Pascal. On 2nd-and-Goal, Hoyer looked toward Ebron in the middle of the endzone, but Steven Parker ripped the ball out of the tight end’s hands and gave Miami the ball back.

Fitzpatrick started with a 14-yard pass to Allen Hurns to start the drive, then looked deep again, this time to Parker for 20 yards. Ballage picked up seven yards on the 1st-and-10 play from the Colts’ 46, then Fitzpatrick threw to Patrick Laird for six yards. Ballage lost one yard on the next play, then Fitzpatrick threw incomplete on his next attempt. On 3rd-and-11, Ballage picked up seven yards and Miami settled for a 47-yard field goal. Dolphins 3-0.

The Colts looked to answer, starting with a two-yard Mack run. Mack then added another two yards before an incomplete pass from Hoyer and any response ended with a three-and-out.

Miami started their next possession with a four-yard Ballage run before Fitzpatrick looked to Hurns for an 18-yard gain. After an incomplete pass, Fitzpatrick looked to Gesicki, picking up seven yards over the middle. Another incomplete pass when Parker tripped just as the pass was thrown was then followed by the Dolphins going for it on 4th-and-3. Jakeem Grant caught the crossing route and turned up field for a 12-yard gain and a first down. Ballage then picked up five yards, then was stopped on a reception for no gain. Fitzpatrick then looked to Laird in the flat, who turned in a nine-yard gain on 3rd-and-5. Miami ran the Wildcat on 1st-and-Goal from the nine, with Ballage picking up one yard. Ballage then picked up five yards on a run up the middle, setting up Miami on the Colts three-yard line as the first quarter ended. After an incomplete pass, Fitzpatrick looked to Myles Gaskin in the flat, but the ball floated and Gaskin could not gain anything, leading to a turnover on downs.

Hoyer threw to Ebron to start the drive, picking up eight yards. Then Mack ran around the right side of the line and gained 14 yards. The Dolphins delay blitz on the next play, but Hoyer is able to step up and complete a 23-yard pass to Jack Doyle crossing the middle of the field. Mack was stopped by Charles Harris and Eric Rowe for no gain just shy of midfield on 1st down. Jordan Wilkins then picked up seven yards, setting up 3rd-and-3, with Indianapolis gaining 20 yards on a short pass to Doyle, who tried to leap safety Bobby McCain as he was tackled. The Colts tried to run Mack up the middle on the next snap, with Harris again coming up with the tackle, this time for a three-yard loss. Baker came on the blitz on the next play, straight up the middle and crushed Hoyer for the sack, with Indianapolis able to jump on the fumble. Facing 3rd-and-26, Hoyer looked to Pascal, but Nik Needham broke up the pass.

Miami started at their own six-yard line after the punt was caught by the Colts there, with Ballage gaining no yards on first down. On second down, Miami moved ahead two yards on a Ballage run, followed by an eight-yard gain on a Fitzpatrick pass to Clive Walford. Ballage then lost two yards before two straight incomplete passes ended Miami’s possession.

The Colts started at their own 47-yard line after the punt, set up in great field position. Hoyer started the drive with an eight-yard pass to Mack, but Mack gained no yards on second down. On 3rd-and-2, Hoyer threw incomplete, followed by the Colts going for it on fourth down, but Miami covering the flat route that was Hoyer’s only real option led to Hoyer attempted to run for it, but coming up a yard short.

Miami started with a one-yard loss on a pass to Ballage, but roughing the passer was called and Miami moved into Indianapolis territory. Fitzpatrick then threw a pop-pass to Grant who was in motion on a jet-sweep, but Grant tried to juke the defender and slipped, leading to just a three-yard gain. Fitzpatrick then threw for no gain to Hurns before an incomplete pass targeting Hurns ended the drive and led to a Miami punt.

Hoyer looked deep on the first play of the drive, badly overthrowing Ebron and Bobby McCain came away with the interception.

After McCain’s 32-yard return, Miami started at the Indianapolis 12. Fitzpatrick scrambled for five yards on the first play, then Ballage gave most of it back on a four-yard loss. Fitzpatrick then stepped away from the pass rush and scrambled for the 11-yard touchdown. Dolphins 10-0.

Indianapolis started with Hoyer looking deep, but three-straight incomplete passes ended the possession before it even started.

Miami ran with Ballage for a two-yard loss, with Indianapolis calling a timeout. Fitzpatrick then found Parker for five yards on second down, with another Colts timeout. Fitzpatrick was then sacked, leading to a punt with 15 seconds remaining.

The Colts knelt to kill the clock.

Immediate Reactions

Miami came to play today. The defense is taking away the ball and stopping the run. Through the first half, Mack is averaging just 2.5 yards per carry on eight attempts. Hoyer has just 94 yards on 6-for-16 passing with the two interceptions.

Remember when Miami was the worst team ever? Yeah, I bet a bunch of analysts do not.

Fitzpatrick is showing the magic that can get teams to win. Can they keep it up in the second half?