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Fan confidence in Dolphins direction continues to grow, now higher than most other teams

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NFL: OCT 28 Dolphins at Steelers Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins are having a bad season with the intent of tearing down the roster this year to rebuild it next year. It is painful, it is ugly, and it has the Dolphins winless through the first eight weeks of the season. Miami had an early bye this week, so they are currently 0-7 heading into Week 9.

Despite the losses, Dolphins fans are actually still increasing in their confidence in the direction of the franchise. According to our SB Nation FanPulse surveys, 54 percent of the fans are confident in the direction of the Dolphins. That is up two percent from last week and closing in on the 58 percent regular-season high for this year, set just before Week 1 started.

Fan confidence in the Dolphins ranks as the 15th highest fan confidence in the league, meaning the fans of a winless team are more confident in the direction of their favorite franchise than the majority of the teams in the league.

This is an ugly, long, bad season for Miami - but the fans seem to understand that there could be a brighter future once we are through this.

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