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Miami Dolphins podcast (Phinsider Radio): how to get to the 2020 NFL Draft without going crazy in the meantime

203 days until the 2020 NFL Draft. Let’s figure out how to get there in one piece, maybe even with a little swagger.

Los Angeles Chargers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

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The Miami Dolphins head into the Week 5 bye after baaaaaaaaaaarely getting edged 30-10 Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium.

Houtz is taking the night off (we love you Joshua), and Matthew Cannata and A-A-Ron Sutton are gonna get up on their soapbox. The 2020 NFL Draft is at the forefront of many Dolphins fans minds, and other fan bases of struggling teams are reaching that conclusion as well. We’re here to tell you to look at draft prospects in a fluid fashion over the course of the season instead of rigidly clutching to the ideas that you are omniscient. It’s an exercise in failure. Conversations are OK! Having an open mind is OK!

*Ordinarily, this is the spot where I drop our individual episodes of the week but we’re on bye week with the team.

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