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Kenyan Drake did not travel to Pittsburgh, likely to be traded by deadline

The 25-year old RB will likely be moved before Tuesday’s trade deadline.

Washington Redskins v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

For weeks now, there was plenty of speculation surrounding Miami Dolphins’ RB Kenyan Drake and whether or not he would be traded before the October 29th deadline. And although rumors continue to circulate on the prime destination, it appears now-more than ever-he will be traded by Tuesday’s deadline.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Drake did not travel with the team to Pittsburgh and will likely be traded, sooner rather than later.

Drake never got the opportunities many believed he deserved since being drafted in the third-round of the 2016 NFL draft. The Alabama RB possesses a rare blend of pass-catching ability, in addition to being able to run between the tackles. He’s an explosive player and in the right situation, could be a hot commodity in free agency next season.

We will never forget you, Kenyan Drake