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Did Dolphins’ fans actually agree on something from Sunday’s game?

We’re back to arguing but we had a brief moment of unity

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

These Mondays after a loss are getting easier to handle with each passing week. It seems so to me, at least, and I’m sure I’m not alone with those feelings based on reactions on social media. Our Miami Dolphins lost to the Buffalo Bills yesterday, as most expected. What people didn’t expect, from a now 5-1 team, was how bad they looked playing us.

Can it be? Did our fan base actually come together and enjoy watching how bad the Bills played, and better yet, how decent we looked? I say decent, because we don’t have much of a team this season, but boy did our guys go out there ready to put up a fight. I even tweeted out stating to forget the tank and let’s win this game. Yes, I was shocked at myself for saying that, but then a few minutes later realized it wouldn’t be in our best interest and took back that comment. Just shows how fun yesterday’s game was for us fans. If we’re going to lose, I want to see our team put up a fight (unlike the first couple games of the season) and show us the potential we have for the future so we have something to look forward to in 2020 and beyond.

Positives From the Game

There were several things that should give you some hope for the Dolphins’ future. These have been mentioned several times (with much more detail) already in other articles, but still need to be mentioned again.

-Mike Gesicki had his best game yet.

Are we finally getting a glimpse of how valuable our second round pick from 2018 can be for the Dolphins? We can’t have another high draft pick go to waste, and from some fans, you would believe he is just that. I liked him when we drafted him, and did truly believe he needed time and better coaching to show why he was worth a second round pick. Keep an eye out fans, because I think Gesicki is just getting started and can truly become a top TE in this league if he keeps it up.

-Our Offensive Line actually held it together (considering how depleted it is this season). Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought Buffalo has one of the top 10 defenses in the league and if so, I’m proud of how well our line held is together and protected our quarterback. Heading into this game I was expecting several sacks. I’m glad I was mistaken.

-Devante Parker is looking better each week. Most of us did not expect to see him on our team this season because of how he has performed for us the past few years. It makes you wonder if the coaching, combined with his endless on-going injuries, was really what held him back? He seems to have more passion for the game this season. Is he trying to make sure he is here for the future? Maybe he actually wants to play for our coaching staff because he actually likes/respects/trusts them. We all know we lost some players because they were not fans of previous coaches.

-Who is Mark Walton? I really didn’t know much about him before this game or heard his name quite as much as I did yesterday. He was a running back we singed that was released from the Bengals. He may turn out to be a good player, kinda like how we singed undrafted Preston Williams. If Walton does turn out to be a great RB, does this mean Kenyan Drake is 100% gone? I’m still unsure how I feel about losing Drake, because I’ve always like him, but ultimately we must do what’s best for this team and the future.

Post-Game Thoughts, Upcoming Games, and the Tankathon

Overall I was impressed with the fight that our team gave the Buffalo Bills. It was probably the most enjoyable game of the season for me. Last week’s game against the Redskins was enjoyable, but almost more stressful to be honest. This game was just enjoyable. I almost thought the Dolphins had a chance, but the same ole’ second half Dolphins’ made their way back in towards the end. It will be interesting to see how the re-match plays out in mid-November, but we have other games to worry about before then.

Did anyone else watch Tannehill’s debut game with the Titans? Other than our game, it was the one other match-up I was looking forward to watching. How can you not be happy for Ryan? He gave his all for our team and I am hoping for nothing but the best for him with the Titans. Their game against the Chargers was close all the way till the last few seconds when the Chargers kept attempting to run in for a game-winning touchdown, only to fall short every time. Tannehill actually looks like a decent quarterback, especially when he had time to make plays. Makes you wonder how bad Gase really was as our head coach and what we would be like today, if we replaced him sooner. Interesting twee here by Travis Wingfield.

Speaking of something interesting, I hope you all tune into the Chiefs vs Titans game on November 10th.

If Mahomes is still out with his injury, it will be Matt Moore vs Ryan Tannehill. Dolphins reunion aka quarterback bowl. Yes, I’m still hoping we can indeed witness that match-up only because it would be kinda entertaining for us fans.

Now, last but not least, we can discuss the tankathon. I read through some of my comments on my piece from last week. I’m a bit confused on why some insist I owe fans an apology. Anything I state about how I feel about the Dolphins and the whole “tanking” is what I believe and feel. It’s my opinion. You do not have to agree and many have no issues expressing their feelings on Twitter. That being said, I’m not alone in my feelings of wanting the Dolphins to go 0-16. There are several bad teams this year. We’re one of two teams remaining without a win. It’s between us and the Bengals and we can’t afford to give up a win right now. I saw some chatter asking why we shouldn’t root to win this Monday against the Steelers. I know we have their first pick, but as of now the Steelers are number 10 on and we’re number two. It does not help us to win against the Steelers. They may drop a spot down in the draft order, but they may very well not even be bottom 10 team. I’m starting to worry we may win a game or two and it’s not looking like the Falcons or Bengals can win a game (another for Falcons or even one for Bengals). If that’s the case, we definitely need to focus on the goal of getting the best draft spot possible. I’d rather be 0-16 with a number one pick than be number 2 or 3 in the Draft and miss out on the top QB. I know no draft spot or player is a guarantee but I would rather at least be the best at losing. Winning a few games will not do anything to help us, so why risk it?

As I said, this is just my opinion and we all have our own. I just ask that maybe let’s not keep fighting over it and see how this season plays out. Ultimately we all just want what is best for our team and to win Super Bowls and watch the Patriots crumble.

P.S. Speaking of opinions here is an interesting thread on some discussion about LSU’s QB Joe Burrow.

I posted that because he seems to be mentioned lately as the number two quarterback in the 2020 draft. If we miss out on Tua (for those of us who believe he is the number one pick) would you want Burrow? Who else would you like the Dolphins to select? I’m interested to watch the LSU/Bama game on November 9th (if Tua is back from his ankle injury). It may very well be the game of the year to watch for college football.

We play next Monday against the Steelers for MNF. We’re not the best with prime-time games so it will be interesting for sure. See you all back here in a week to discuss the game and to see where we go from here.

Let’s hope the Jets can pull off an upset tonight.

Go Dolphins!