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ESPN: Hard Rock Stadium vendor arrested for credit card scam

This Miami Dolphins season just keeps getting weirder.

Dave Hyde: With another blowout loss, Dolphins are tracking the worst teams in sports history Charles Trainor Jr./Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins have been facing plenty of hardships on the field, and it’s been causing fans distress. Unfortunately, it looks like that distress is following Dolfans off the field as well.

According to an ESPN article, a Hard Rock Stadium vendor was arrested after committing a credit card scam during last Sunday’s Dolphins game. While the attention of players, coaches, and fans alike were transfixed on Miami’s matchup with the Los Angeles Chargers, one particularly dishonest been vendor attempted to get away with overcharging a couple of patrons.

According to ESPN, Nathaniel Collier, was arrested and charged with two felony counts after attempting to charge two customers $724 for two beers, a purchase that should have only run up to about $20 given the regular prices at Hard Rock Stadium. In order to “hide” the scam, the vendor used a personal credit card reader instead of the authorized machine at the stand. His scheme ultimately failed when one of the customers received an alert from their credit card company that incriminated Collier.

According to ESPN, Collier was fired from Rocket Man, the independent contractor that he worked for at Hard Rock Stadium, while the fan was eventually issued a full refund.

Collier is facing a third-degree grand theft charge, was well as a charge for possession of a skimming device, the machine that was used to overcharge the fan’s card.

While the day turned out to be quite a stressful one for the fan, at least he got a free beer!